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Lockdown Lifting.

July 4th will see many changes as lockdown continues to gradually lift. Of huge importance to many of us is the opening up of hairdressers. On the 5th the lovely daughter and I have an appointment, how lucky is that! We will be able to meet friends with heads held high!
The amiable husband has been playing golf and watching football, how I envy him. There is no sign of swimming pools in our area opening and not likely to be for some considerable length of time. I have swum every Sunday for many years and really miss this activity. Apparently it’s cheaper to keep leisure facilities closed! Luckily I can follow Pilates classes on line and English National Ballet is providing a Dance for Parkinson’s class each month.
The local Parkinson’s UK support group is helping in any ways they can but the rules are quite clear so all the activities planned over the summer and weekly regular events are currently cancelled. I usually deliver magazines to local heath centres but this month they have had to be posted.
The wonderful National Trust has opened its gardens this month which has been a wonderful boost to morale.

Nymans, Sussex.

Wakehurst, Sussex.

Sheffield Park

Such beautiful places with rhododendrons prolific and colourful spring flowers everywhere. Visitor numbers are currently restricted so a visit is wonderfully quiet and peaceful, restores the soul.

And finally,
To make you laugh tune into a short video by script writer Paul Mayhew Archer who co-wrote “The Vicar of Dibly”. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s eight years ago. He looks to find humour between his condition and the corona virus.


2 thoughts on “Lockdown Lifting.

  1. Good to see you’re still getting out and about – as am I. I also have a hair appt – on 8th – but actually it’s not looking too bad as I have been snipping away around the front and sides 🙂
    Take care as always.
    Sue x

  2. Glad to see you are ‘up and running’ as usual, though I’m sorry your usual activities have been curtailed. The National Trust gardens look lovely and the weather has been perfect for visits, but I am sure the greatest joy of all is having Henry so near to you now. I think we all realise how precious families are during these times – Families, Friends and Food – though sometimes food has been a priority when trying to book a delivery slot!!!!! Keep smiling and keep busy.
    Frances xx

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