A glimmer, Nine weeks into lockdown with Parkinson’s

Nine weeks since our lives changed for ever; mix Parkinson’s and Corona virus and what do you have but a picture of what has been described as an inevitable uncertainty. Parkinson’s is an illness that keeps you on your toes, never sure what will happen next!
May has been a glorious sunny month, we wake, however early that might be, with the birds singing, flowers opening and endless blue skies. The month started with VE Day and celebration in the streets remembering “Victory in Europe” day. Under strict guidelines we managed to share a happy evening with good friends and neighbours. Was that a tiny glimmer of something normal?
There was a step back though when I received a letter saying I was “extremely vulnerable” and should not go out of the house for 12 weeks from early May. I was previously told I was merely “vulnerable”! Fortunately I had a telephone appointment the next day with my consultant who told me the letter was a mistake. Never have I been so relieved.
As the month progressed exercise was allowed for as long as you liked and as often. By the end of May I managed some longer walks with friends and then latterly with the lovely daughter who was accompanied by Handsome Henry who introduced me to Peter Rabbits woods … as ever reminded of the need for social distancing. Another glimmer perhaps?

Peter Rabbits woods

One day I was looking at the website for English National Ballet and found details of a Dance for Parkinson’s virtual class taught by the brilliant team of Kate and Matt whose classes I enjoyed so much before the virus struck. Wonderful, maybe in time to come they may run again and it will be feasible to safely catch a train to London. There are lots of dance ideas, well worth a look.
Let us all help to keep the glimmer glowing!
Keep safe.