Five weeks into lockdown with Parkinson’s

Well, how our lives have changed in these last weeks. Will they ever be the same again?
People with Parkinson’s tend to be an anxious lot and I certainly am concerned about the future. Sleep, always a problem for me is worse than usual which makes me feel permanently tired.
I miss the days when we usually look after Henry. When will all the family be able to have a meal together? The first couple of weeks it was fine to catch up with all those jobs we have been meaning to do but never get round to but now I just want my old life back. As I become more aware of Parkinson’s symptoms I want to make the most of enjoying each day and Corona virus is stopping that.
Enough moaning, we have much to be glad about. The weather has been glorious and I have been out walking every day.The bluebells have been beautiful.

Bluebell wood

Reading in the garden and getting lost in a book is a real treat.

The introduction of Zoom has made it easier to keep in touch with friends, be it a virtual coffee morning, book club or lunch.
Our lovely Pilates teacher puts weekly classes on YouTube which keeps the stiffness away.
Roll on the day, sometime in the future when we get our freedom back, it may be a while for us unlucky enough to be in the vulnerable group,
Keep smiling AND stay safe.