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Changing Times – Coronavirus

I have tried to write a blog for this month several times but the situation with regard to the coronavirus keeps changing daily so this will be brief.
Parkinson’s UK have sent out information plus have various help lines open. The local branch has cancelled their AGM and all the exercise classes plus plans for a variety of summer events. I note that those with Parkinson’s are no more likely to catch the virus which is some consolation.
Earlier this month Channel Four broadcast a programme called “How to Beat Ageing”. The last 15 minutes of the programme is about the part that dance can play in helping those with Parkinson’s. It is certainly worth a look; the lesson raises the spirits of the participants and the joy you see on people’s faces says it all. It is available for a couple more weeks on:-
https://www.channel4.com/programmes/how to beat/on demand/70184-001
You can also find it on catch up TV
Stay safe


2 thoughts on “Changing Times – Coronavirus

  1. Good to hear you’re no more vulnerable than anyone else. Hope to see you at our postponed lunch. Take care. Sue x

  2. Dear Elspeth, I agree the situation is changing daily and it is very necessary to stay positive. Thank goodness Laura and Henry are home and near to you. It would have been so worrying if they were still in Australia. Keep exercising and dancing for your own pleasure. Maybe that lovely husband of yours could be encouraged to join in. One day at a time is all you need to think about – and the sun is shining and the days are getting longer.
    Frances xx

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