Local Leisure Centre

Visiting the local leisure centre can provide lots of activities to help with Parkinson’s.
People can be very kind. Some Pilates classes that I attend are in a large studio. I always stand in a space where I can hold onto the wall if there is a lot of balance work. Regular members of the class know this but if anyone new should arrive they are soon moved along and told of my need and why; they really look after me!
Since Henry, our 2 year old grandson arrived from Australia I have become aquainted with a very different part of the centre, the soft play area. There we slide and squeeze through rollers, jump in the ball parks, crawl through tunnels and wobble across rope ladders. He will take my hand and see me safely through! He knows though that I don’t like the dark, twisting slide – only Mummy does that!
On another day I play badminton. In a way it is quite sad because my play is not of the standard that I used to have but I know running around is good for me and I have made new friends there. With a weekly swim as well I feel I certainly get my monies worth  from my membership
Helping the local Parkinson’s UK group is a worthwhile activity which also keeps me in touch with what is going on in my area. There are an increasing number of younger people being diagnosed with the condition and we hope to give them an opportunity to meet and share ideas with others similar. Looking after a young family and coping with work and Parkinson’s can be a daunting prospect.
The lovely daughter and handsome Henry will soon be moving into their own home. It is only a fifteen minute drive away from us and I am sure we will still see them very regularly. We will miss them and our early morning starts!