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Swimming round and round

One of the first strange things that happened to me before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s was that my weekly swim was becoming difficult. I seemed to be swimming round and round and not getting anywhere. My weaker left side seemed to turn under me. I had gone from swimming 400 metres to a very laboured 50 metres. Incredibly since taking the dopamine I can swim the 400 metres again, slowly but at least straight. I just have to remember to take my pill an hour or so before getting in the water!
Another strange thing is that recently I have not had the dystopia in my left toes so much and if I do I can usually cure it but putting my trainer on that foot.
There are are unfortunately some areas which are worse, particularly my memory. I often forget words or where I have put things, usually my glasses or keys. What many people are unaware of is that many Parkinson’s symptoms are not visible, they are often the most troublesome. I am lucky too that Pilates four times a week seems to prevent stiffness and pain, I do not take painkillers. I treat myself to a massage every few weeks which is wonderful!
The last three Saturdays has seen me in London to watch ballet. The lovely daughter joined me for “Copelia”  at the Royal Opera House, the dashing son enjoyed the swashbuckling tale of adventures at sea in “Le Corsaire” at the Coliseum and lastly to see “Onegin” which was beautiful. Additionally I joined the aimiable husband at the football and helped Brighton secure a rare victory!
The lovely daughter is all set to move out into her own home in March in the picturesque  Sussex village of Lindfield. How we will miss them but I suspect we will still see them very regularly!


To celebrate our wedding anniversary we recently enjoyed lunch at Gravetye Manor. The new restaurant brings the garden inside and the food was well worth the Michelin Star.
We all need treats in January!


4 thoughts on “Swimming round and round

  1. Good to hear you’re doing swimmingly well (pun intended!) I am off to SA in March for a couple of months. Not sure when the next TTHS/WOK lunch is scheduled but hopefully will see you in person sometime this year. All the best. Sue x

  2. Hi.
    I am a long time friend of the “amiable husband” and the “lovely daughter” and I am confident they would both confirm that you don’t need to have Parkinson’s to be forgetful.
    I have taken it to a whole new level.
    An Ozzie friend

  3. Dear Elspeth, It is always reassuring to be kept up to date with your coping mechanisms. I know you complain about feeling tired – but it seems to me that your activities are so numerous it would be unnatural if you felt anything but tired!!! Pilates 4 times a week, swimming and ballet adventures – not to mention having a lively toddler living with you. I feel quite tired at the thought. Seriously – keep up the good work. Hopefully we are all meeting soon. Love Frances xx

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