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A suntan just isn’t worth it with Parkinson’s

Many years ago, while a student, I lived on Brighton seafront. If you didn’t have a suntan by the end of April  you weren’t worth knowing!

However, this summer has experienced some days when temperatures have soared to more than 33C and I find myself seeking the comparative coolness of the lounge with a fan switched on continuously. This change has come about for two reasons. Firstly, I realise taking care of your skin is pretty important as you get older and, secondly, I don’t think Parkinson’s tolerates extremes of temperature very well. Apparently in hot conditions the body uses extra energy to stay mobile. However, the Parkinson’s sufferer is lower on energy to begin with so when the body needs more you are likely to suffer from increased symptoms which can include dizziness and fatigue.
To celebrate becoming 70 years young the dashing son kindly agreed to spend the day with me in Sevenoaks in Kent, the town where I lived from the age of two until eighteen. I  had a wonderful day looking at my old homes and reminiscing about my schooldays and growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. We even managed a walk in Knole Park, still stunningly beautiful. It was a day to treasure.

My first home in Sevenoaks ..1951!

Back home the lovely daughter and handsome Henry are well settled. Life is hectic but wonderful. I have a nap some afternoons to try and allow me to stay up till 9 o’clock at least! I love hearing his language develop, new words every day. Perhaps a little less of “no” would be quite nice!


6 thoughts on “A suntan just isn’t worth it with Parkinson’s

  1. Hard to believe how old we are!! Pleased you enjoyed going down memory lane with your son. I walk in Knole Park every Tuesday with a group of friends – so good to make use of that beautiful spot right on our doorstep.

  2. Hi Elspeth. I certainly think most of us tolerate the high temperatures less well than we were able to when we were younger but it must be even more difficult when you have the added problems associated with Parkinsons or other ailments. It certainly has been exhausting over the past few days and very difficult to sleep. Great to chat with you earlier and apologies I had forgotten you were due to take the trip down memory and revisit where you grew up. Looking forward to seeing you again soon love Elizabeth and Ken xx

  3. Elspeth, did you see the One Show item last night about Irish Set dancing – funded by the NHS in Northern Ireland?
    I expect that you are relieved it’s cooler down; Philip very unwell with the heat.
    sending lots of love , Gillian xx

  4. Hi Elspeth, your comments about effects of the heat on Parkinson’s were interesting. I think we pale British aren’t programmed for such high temperatures as we have been experiencing and I am certainly glad that things are becoming more normal now (whatever that is). I can imagine your day with your son was wonderful – a day to be remembered and treasured. It is lovely to be kept involved with your activities and a real encouragement for those sharing Parkinson’s with you. Love to you all. Frances x

  5. Really enjoy being kept up to date with your progress and that of the family . I thought your idea of spending time with the lovely Sue n going down memory lane was an inspired choice and one I may have to copy .

    Love Sue and Jeff

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