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A Garden for Parkinson’s

This month has seen the opening of a garden for Parkinson’s in a park in Haywards Heath. There are raised beds with mixed planting to enable anyone in a wheelchair, or using a stick, to access this new facility. Local dignitaries there for this special occasion included two Mayors, with their chains of office, looking very splendid. James Morgan, a world renowned composer and conductor and young onset Parkinson’s sufferer living nearby, cut the ribbon. The Chief Executive of Parkinson’s UK, Steve Ford, came to support the local Branch. He was very easy to talk to and it turned out that his wife and I went to the same school!

James Morgan (left) & Steve Ford open the Parkinson’s garden.

The weather has been hot and sunny for much of July allowing the lovely daughter, Handsome Henry and myself to enjoy days on the sandy beach at West Wittering in Sussex. He was initially unsure about the sea but gradually grew in confidence, running in and out of the sea and building his first sandcastle.

The beach at West Wittering, Sussex.

I was pleased that despite having had Parkinson’s for more than six years, and now being seventy, I could still join in the fun!


3 thoughts on “A Garden for Parkinson’s

  1. Well well well – another coincidence for you Elspeth.
    Liz worked with me as a TA at East Peckham school, the school I retired from. After working together for a couple of years we discovered that we had both been at that same school – years apart as you know – but, wait for it …… in the same class as my cousin !
    I had a catch up coffee with her last week.

  2. Hi Elspeth. What a super photo of little Henry enjoying the sand at West Wittering. So pleased the weather has been beautiful for the start of their new life in the UK. May the sunshine continue. The Parkinson’s garden is a great idea and must be an inspiration for many people affected. So pleased you are coping so well which is a credit to all you do to manage your condition so positively.

    Looking forward to seeing you.

    Elizabeth and Ken x

  3. Hi Elspeth, Lovely to see that you are enjoying the seaside with Henry. Long may it last. Keep up the energy, especially with all your Parkinson’s activities.

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