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Give the local Parkinson’s Group a “go”

It is nearly seven years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. For the first few years I had very little to do with the local Parkinson’s support group apart from joining the jazz choir, to which I still belong. As time has gone by I have begun to appreciate how much help they provide for sufferers and their carers. The “Shakers and Movers” magazine, produced every 2 months by the local support group gives details of exercise classes and communication skills groups. The monthly branch meeting has visiting speakers, musicians and offers many other activities. I recently joined the committee and have been impressed by everything that is available and the dedication of the local organisers. It’s never easy to go along to a group the first time but it is worth giving it a go; you might be very pleasantly surprised!
Regular readers of the Blog will know that my favourite Parkinson’s new skill is Dance for Parkinson’s run by English National Ballet, originally in Kensington but to be in their new headquarters in Canning Town, hopefully later this year. This has not been popular with the “dancers”, I just hope it works.  Currently about 20 of us meet in a room at the Royal Albert Hall once a month for a fabulous class. This month we had the opportunity to watch Cinderella “in the round”, wonderful, just like attending a blockbuster film! As we had been learning some of the mime from the ballet it was a  fabulous occasion.
Back at home the Lovely  Daughter and Handsome Henry have been able to admire the lush green of the English countryside. It would be very nice now if we could have sunshine as well to convince them of the benefits of returning to the UK….

The 40+30 Birthday Cake cutting!

With  a 70th and a 2nd birthday to celebrate this month we have been busy.


3 thoughts on “Give the local Parkinson’s Group a “go”

  1. Good to hear from you again, Elspeth. Your life sounds very busy, as ever. Hope Canning Town won’t be too difficult for you to reach – nothing will quite match up to the Albert Hall!
    Frances xx

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