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Challenges of Parkinson’s

We have been home from Australia for a month now and, at last , we are catching up with appointments, jobs to do and friends.

The local Parkinson’s UK group held it’s AGM  this month and I am now confirmed as a committee member. They would like to reach out to members who are in later stages of the condition and look at ways of helping them. With this in mind we recently visited a local nursing home to chat over coffee. As would be expected we talked to any residents who were near us! Their war experiences were the favourite topic and I learnt lots about life as a child evacuee. We plan to offer transport to one of the monthly meetings.

At the beginning of the month I went to a Dance for Parkinson’s class in the Royal Albert Hall. They had cleared a bar on the 3rd floor and we focused on Swan Lake. Lovely music of course and we had a pianist. We learnt some of the gestures and linked together a series of movements, lots of concentration involved! It was a sunny day and the window was open. What an amazing view looking directly across to the golden statue of Prince Albert. I look forward to the next class on Cinderella.

The golden statue of Prince Albert

I watched the recent two programmes on BBC2 entitled “A Miracle Cure?” about a research project for Parkinson’s which involved complex brain surgery and months of drug infusions with a protein (GDNF) that supports the survival of brain cells including the cells lost in Parkinson’s. (GDNF is Glial cell line Derived Neurotropic Factor). In many ways they showed a possible way forward but I found it all rather depressing. Things are obviously not about to change in the near future.

At the beginning of May we are going to see Paul Mayhew-Archer present his one-man show “The Incurable Optimist”. Paul is well known as a co writer of comedy programmes such as The Vicar of Dibley. He was first diagnosed about the same time as me so it should be interesting and funny. Having heard part of his act at the Edinburgh festival, and seen him talk about his life on television,  I am looking forward to it!

Whilst I am becoming more aware of the challenges of Parkinson’s I am still able to carry on as normal with a few adjustments. I still drive but only locally and I accept I might need a nap some afternoons!

The beginning of Spring is always an uplifting time …… I always enjoy walking through the bluebell woods.

5 thoughts on “Challenges of Parkinson’s

  1. Elspeth, we organised a pub quiz night last weekend and raised an amazing £960 for Parkinson’s UK!!
    I recorded the recent documentary, but gave up halfway through the first part as I found it hard going! I will persevere and finish watching. Good to know that lots of research happening. Philip is about to do a little research questionnaire about breathlessness and PD.

  2. I was only able to watch part 1 of that documentary as left for SA. So thank you for the update. Did any of the patients on the placebo feel an improvement?
    Sorry I missed the WOK lunch catch up. Til next time then …….
    Sue x

  3. I faithfully watched the programme on Parkinson’s and was also depressed by the ending as I was sure it was going to end well . The ending did leave a little glimmer of hope though. So glad you are back dancing , it sounds wonderful .

    Hope to see you and Peter in a few weeks .

    Love Sue and Jeff x

  4. Great to hear about your busy life and I am so glad that you have such a fantastic venue for your dancing. It is lovely news too that Laura and Henry will be home soon. Does that mean an end to trips down under?? Unfortunately I missed the programmes but have heard that in fact they were rather depressing. I am sorry that this was the case. I had hoped that a breakthrough was imminent. Look forward to seeing you both soon. Love Frances x

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