More about feet and Parkinson’s.

Not so long ago a catalogue would drop through the letterbox from a company called
Hotter. My immediate reaction was to throw it straight in the bin, never would I look at shoes like that! However the onset of cooler weather has made my current choice of footwear very limited, Birkenstocks, one pair of trainers and a pair of walking boots with thin socks.

A limited range!

Anything else seems to hurt my big toe joint and the pain gradually spreads up the foot and even under my toes. I think the problem stems from the dystonia which at times causes my big toe to stick up on its own and the other toes to curl under with some force plus a suggestion of a bunion. I see the Parkinson’s nurse soon and hope that she could help me find an appropriate physio/podiatrist to give advice. Maybe I need some orthotics?

I was very pleased this week that, despite the problems above, I led a six mile walk. I wore my boots with thin socks plus rubbed lashings of neurofen type cream into the affected area and tried to time the dopamine pills to give maximum benefit. I got to the last mile before things began to get a bit painful. It was a large group of walkers and I was concerned that I might take a wrong turn but walking it out three times beforehand meant I could remember all the twists and turns! It was perfect weather and a very enjoyable morning ending with lunch in a pub by the river.

We have booked our flights back to Australia in the New Year and will spend some time with the Lovely Daughter and Handsome Henry including a week when we are in sole charge, global grandparents eh! As he is about to start walking we could be exhausted grandparents too!