Coping with the hot weather

Like much of England Sussex has had a prolonged period of very hot weather during June and July, the like of which we have not seen since 1976. I have found the heat quite exhausting and have not been walking or playing badminton, two of my favourite activities. Pilates has been fine as it mostly involves gentle stretching, no cardiovascular work. Excessive sweating is a common symptom of Parkinson’s and that has been more of a problem than usual. It has been a relief to have a cool few days over the weekend.
At the beginning of July I saw my consultant, the fourth one since I was diagnosed nearly six years ago. He concluded that not much had changed and offered me an appointment in twelve months rather than six. I felt rather pleased with that somehow as normally with an ongoing chronic condition appointments become more frequent!
Ballet classes in London and the local choir are having a summer break so there has been time to enjoy outdoor pastimes such as extended birthday lunches and suppers with friends. We spent a warm, balmy evening listening to Kathryn Jenkins singing in a local park; magical.
Handsome Henry is back in Australia and now crawls forwards. This enables him to explore the fireplace, try the cat food and dismantle all the draught excluder the aimiable husband had carefully fixed round the patio doors. The cat finds his hammock on the window a safe place to watch the chaos below!

Next month we are flying to Oporto in Portugal and travelling along the Duoro River with Australian friends; should be great fun!