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Mouth issues and Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s is a very clever disease. Just as you think you have worked out what the difficulties can be you find another one. I recently went to the dentist and he was talking about possible problems, firstly, caused by the stiffness in your hands which means cleaning your teeth is more difficult, and secondly, oral hygiene problems often caused by the lack of saliva which can lead to a dry mouth. This can lead to a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease. I sometimes do find that I need to use sugar free gum and try and remember to keep some with me.
Back now in England for a while it has been a lovely start to summer. Roses seem to be particularly good this year and walking round Nymans, a local National Trust Property was a real joy. We recently joined a guided walk to look for wild orchids on Wolstonbury Hill in the South Downs and saw eight different species from the Common Spotted to some more unusual such as the Fly, Chalk Fragrant and Pyramidal orchids. We also found the Round-headed Rampion, also called “The Pride of Sussex” (the County flower of Sussex) which is more common on the South Downs than anywhere else in the UK.

Pride of Sussex

The lovely daughter and our grandson, handsome Henry, joined us mid June. He was home for his first birthday and his christening in an historic local church in Ditchling. Godparents joined us on a perfect summer’s day for the ceremony. Henry smiled and chatted throughout and was not phased by his baptism; he certainly likes an audience and has perfected his camera face! We enjoyed lunch after at a pub with fabulous views; how lucky we are to have such beautiful countryside around us.

With handsome Henry.

Next week I have a 6 month appointment with a consultant. I don’t feel there have been any changes really which is fantastic!

2 thoughts on “Mouth issues and Parkinson’s

  1. Life is good and it certainly sounds as if you are enjoying it to the full. How lovely to have your daughter and grandson home for the christening. He is gorgeous. Look forward to seeing you soon and seeing more photos.
    John and Frances x

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