Not just a tremor

For many people the very word “Parkinson’s” suggests a tremor and progress of the illness can be judged by this. However, 30% of sufferers do not have a tremor and it can often be other, less visible symptoms that cause more issues. For me tiredness is one symptom that can make life difficult. I tend to wake very early in the morning and subsequently can feel exhausted later on in the day. The amiable husband has had to stop me falling into my plate a few times! I try to do my most energetic activities in the mornings and not feel guilty if I have a 20 minute nap in the afternoon.

I am trying to be more aware of timing my dopamine tablets and working out how to get the best results from them. For example if I am playing badminton or walking the dopamine may not last as long as pottering about at home and I end up with a rather awkward gait prior to taking the next pills. It’s all trial and error really and one day may be different to the next. I feel it is important to try and find solutions without rushing into higher levels of medication which may well bring a whole set of new problems.

After 5 weeks away we arrived back in the UK just in time to watch the royal wedding, good to watch the nuptials of Harry and Meghan on such a beautiful day! We spent 4 weeks in Melbourne with the lovely daughter and handsome Henry before traveling to Singapore to help babysit while she attended a conference. He loved splashing about in the warm water of the swimming pool. Early one morning, it was very hot, we walked in the truly magnificent botanical gardens including the orchid section.

Orchids in Singapore Botanical Gardens.

Back home jet lag is at last beginning to fade. The amiable husband joined me for a trip to Covent Garden to watch Swan Lake, a magnificent new production. Although he would have preferred to watch Brighton playing football in the Premiership I think he enjoyed himself!

Australia House London.

While we were in London we walked past Australia House, I wondered when I will need my next visa!