Parkinson’s Awareness Month 2018

April is Parkinson’s awareness month with world Parkinson’s Day on April 11th and World Dance for Parkinson’s on April 28th. We were home at the beginning of the month and I joined a group from my dance class at London’s Guys Hospital where we performed a demonstration of what happens in a typical Parkinson’s class with English National Ballet. Recent filming there has been made into a innovative film including input from Parkinson’s dancers and some from the company. You can view this at

Before we returned to Australia there was just time to catch up with activities at home including helping lead a walk in what must be surely one of the muddiest walks ever. Five miles of trying to find the best path through fields and woods required great care, I even used walking poles! Parkinson’s sufferers are known to be prone to falls and I didn’t want a broken leg a few days before travelling “Down Under”!

There have been lots of social occasions with friends before we left, from Ladies who Lunch to a memorable 70th birthday party. I know how important it is to be out and about although anxiety can make it sometimes harder to relax and enjoy yourself. I have had one shaky hand behind my back or in my pocket on numerous occasions!

I have noticed recently that I seem to bump into people more often which is a bit disconcerting. I don’t think that even stone cold sober I would manage a straight line!

We arrived back in Australia on April 15th and noticed lots of changes and development in our grandson. A dear little boy has emerged who is happy and smiley, I accept we are rather biased! We are here to help as our daughter has just returned to work, we will take care of Handsome Henry where necessary. He currently has a viral infection so we will be performing a childcare role like grandparents everywhere even though 10,000 miles apart makes regular help tricky! Melbourne is very much our second home now and there are favourite places we like to visit time and time again. One of my most favourite is the beautiful Botanical Gardens, the children’s garden there is so well thought out and the peaceful main section of it is a constant delight. The variety of trees showcase the variety in the Southern Hemisphere and Henry seems to love the leaves.

At Melbourne Botanical Gardens.

We return home mid May, stopping off at Singapore for 4 days while the lovely daughter attends a conference there. We will be on baby sitting duty, should be interesting!