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The impact of Parkinson’s during hot weather

After a long cold winter, summer has arrived in Melbourne. We have had more than a week of temperatures over 30 degrees, very different to the UK, it is going to be a shock when we land at Heathrow in two weeks! On Tuesday’s I walk with a local group which sets off at 10am and completes 2 laps of a nearby park at a fairly fast rate, I like being with the front walkers but was horrified by how red my face is at the end! It took a couple of hours to return to normal. I am pleased they have brought the starting time forward this week and need to accept a slower pace.

It’s not just hot weather either. I have played badminton for most of my life and used to reckon I looked as cool as a cucumber at the end of a match but now after a few games the sweat starts dripping in my eyes, not an attractive look!
James Parkinson said that “when a nervous system is compromised by chronic disease your body may have difficulty responding to the heat”- I should take some notice!

Everyday I enjoy my walk with Henry along the sea front to the Sailing Club Cafe. Last Friday the forecast suggested possible rain so I took a shorter route and was just 50 yards from my destination when a squall came across the bay with great force. I was hanging on to the Pram with all my might but terrified that I couldn’t hold on. A nearby school boy and passing man came to the rescue. It took 3 of us to get to safety and suddenly the wind disappeared as quickly as it had arrived. There had been 3 Olympic size yachts out at sea. Two broke their masts and a nearby tree was uprooted.

I am now into the last few weeks of my six months in Australia to help the Lovely Daughter with her premature baby, Handsome Henry. He looks very bonny, smiling and chatting away. Australia’s preparations for Christmas are very different to the UK. I had to laugh at the sight of a snowman with tinsel wrapped round a rubbish bin!

Henry on the beach

We have made day trips to beautiful beaches, rain forests and a zoo and enjoyed the company of friendly Australians. Time now to begin to get ready for the long journey back to the UK where the family will meet for Henry’s first Christmas.

4 thoughts on “The impact of Parkinson’s during hot weather

  1. Gorgeous photo Elspeth.
    Good luck for the journey back – how long will your daughter and babe stay in UK?
    Looking forward to photos of Henry’s first Christmas.
    All the best
    Sue x

  2. Congratulations on holding on to Henry in the storm. I can remember days of sitting in the park in a storm/gale for Connor to sleep!! Challenging!! Safe journey home. xx

  3. You have been brilliant at keeping us up-to-date with your activities in Australia. It will still be lovely to see you again and hear about your adventures in person. Hope you have a safe flight home and a very happy Christmas with all your family. Love Frances x

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