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Pushing the Pram with Parkinson’s

I have now been in Melbourne for more than three months helping my daughter with Handsome Henry, a baby born 8 weeks early. He has more than doubled his birth weight and is smiling and focusing well.

Handsome Henry

He is not very good at sleeping, colic does not help so we are out and about with an ergo baby carrier and, of course, a pram. One problem with Parkinson’s is that there is a tendency to lose your confidence and become very anxious about anything new. It is only the last few weeks that I have felt happy taking Henry out on my own and thus give the lovely daughter a bit of a break! I know all the smooth pavements and safe places to cross busy roads and have mastered the breaking system, it is quite a responsibility. He is very happy in a baby carrier but I am still a bit concerned that I might trip so only use that indoors, falling being an issue with many Parkinson’s sufferers. Spending time with a new baby though takes your mind off everything else. The amiable husband, now back in the UK, is busy rebooking my appointments with the Nurse and Consultant that I had to cancel when we dashed out here to see Henry.

I now have Wednesday as “staff” day off and have enjoyed travelling into the city by bus, train or tram to explore. I have been to the Dior exhibition, enjoyed an organ recital in St Paul’s Cathedral, visited the Botanical Gardens and used self guided walk notes to explore Melbourne. Next week I go to a recital by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The lovely daughter has arranged a massage as a treat today, I have not been doing as much stretching as I do back home.

I go back to the UK mid December; will I have resisted the temptation for my voice to go up at the end of sentences like so many Australians!

4 thoughts on “Pushing the Pram with Parkinson’s

  1. What a lovely photo Elspeth. So pleased that the baby is doing well. Will look forward to seeing you next spring hopefully. Philip was asking me if you were still in Australia, wondering if your husband still goes to football?? Philip always now goes by train; as you say, confidence is an issue.

  2. So cute – and how lovely that you are able to stay so long. When does your daughter return to work?
    Hope to see you at our next TTHS lunch in the Spring.

  3. He looks lovely, Elspeth. I am sure you have been a fantastic help during his first few months, but it must also have been a very special time for you too. Great bonding time!! Look forward to seeing you and testing you for any voice uplifting.
    Frances x

  4. He looks gorgeous and can’t wait to have a cuddle. Enjoy these special moments. Glad you are back in the social swing in Melbourne. Please try not to come back with an Australian twang!! Have missed you and look forward to catching up in person. Much love xxx

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