Staying in Australia and managing Parkinson’s

Young H.

Life Down Under has calmed down. Baby H, so tiny when born, has been making good progress and could soon be home. He has had wonderful care from the hospital where he was born and at a brand new neo natal unit where he initially had his own nurse! We are in a routine of chauffeuring the lovely daughter and visiting the tiny grandson for a daily cuddle.

I have been anxious to do more exercise and have now started a Pilates class. As there are only four or five in the group there’s not many places to hide! I have also joined a group that walk round the local park twice and then adjourn for a coffee. I was invited to go along to a book club earlier this week, interesting to see similarities and differences with the one I belong to in Sussex. Hopefully, with glorious walks along by the sea I am doing enough to help the Parkinson’s.
As I had missed my recent appointment with the Parkinson’s Nurse I emailed her asking for advice about the claw foot I get first thing in the morning. It is becoming rather a nuisance and it was good to share things with her and look at possible solutions. I was very impressed when she emailed me back the next day, brilliant service!

We have been back in Australia for nearly six weeks and there are many things that I love here,-
The friendliness of the people, always cheerful and ready to help, “no problem” is the common term used,
The coffee shops, Melburnians love their coffee,
Going to house auctions, real street theatre,
The excellent medical care.

I am not so smitten with:-
Graffiti; seems so much as you travel in towards the city centre,
Most houses only have showers; I love a soak in the bath,
Turning right at junctions – hook turns, U turns & turning in front of oncoming traffic rather than behind – unique to Melbourne!

Once H is home our days will change again as he settles into a life outside hospital. As all his energy has been going into feeding we have not yet heard him cry properly!