Only 3 months Parkinson’s prescription allowed.

This month’s Blog will be brief, you will appreciate why!
The lovely daughter was expecting a baby in August and as there were signs it might be earlier we thought it best to start sorting out travel insurance, visas, etc, particularly as I will be staying in Australia for up to 6 months. Things were going well until I took my prescription for Parkinson’s drugs to the doctors surgery and asked for 6 months supply. After several trips to and fro the answer came back that under the NHS regulations three months is the maximum amount allowed. I will need to get a prescription from an Australian GP, I will take my UK one with me for evidence. So be wary if you are going to be away for a long time!

We had just got things sorted when the call came that we needed to be in Melbourne at once. We got flights the next day and got to the hospital as the Doctors announced they were going to deliver the baby immediately.

In my scrubs ready to go into theatre.

I was kitted up in scrubs and joined the lovely daughter as they performed an emergency Caesarian and baby Henry was born weighing a lightweight 1.67 kg. He is in a brand new neonatal unit where his lungs are being supported, he is improving steadily. The amiable husband is getting good at driving to and from hospital. It may be some weeks before the baby comes home.

As I will be in Melbourne for a while I am planning to join the Dance for Parkinson’s class again; they make me very welcome. I have had to miss my appointment with my lovely Parkinson’s Nurse at home and will have to creatively manage my “claw foot” which I get in the morning which possibly indicates that I am under medicated. If I put a lace up trainer on that foot it helps but it’s not very comfy in bed!

I look forward to my first months as a grandma and holding my new grandson.