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The problems with “claw” foot.

My initial diagnosis of Parkinson’s was four and a half years ago when I was told that I had a dystonic presentation of the illness. This meant very little to me then but recently I have begun to realise that much of the problem with my left foot could probably be described as dystonia. First thing in the morning when I get out of bed the left foot turns into a claw, curling tightly under.

Left foot in the morning.

Walking on it is very difficult, helped only by putting my trainers on, some massaging and rolling with my spiky ball. This could possibly be due to under medication but as I am not in a rush to increase it I am seeing how much I can do to help myself. I read somewhere that potassium may be helpful so trying a banana with breakfast each morning. Sometimes, leading up to the next dosage of dopamine, the foot goes into spasm which makes my gait rather strange and uncomfortable. There are quite a few pairs of shoes in my wardrobe that I hardly wear! I am still managing to continue walking though and recently led a seven mile walk in countryside around the Bluebell Railway, very beautiful but quite hilly!

At the beginning of May we joined our Australian friends for a week on a canal boat on the Kennet and Avon Canal from Bradford on Avon to Bristol. Meandering slowly through the countryside was a great, very restful, experience and we found country pubs to moor up by in the evenings. We spent two nights right in the centre of the floating harbour in Bristol which enabled us to explore a city none of us knew, a visit to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s SS Great Britain is certainly a must. The only aspect of the trip not so restful was the LOCKS. I was pleased that physically I could manage the winding up and down and pushing open 4 ton gates but I found I coped best if I could copy the person (usually the amiable husband) on the other side.

Opening the lock gates.

When it came to a flight of five locks at Bath I was only too happy for the volunteers to take over!
I think we all felt rather sad when the week ended


5 thoughts on “The problems with “claw” foot.

  1. Ouch Elspeth ! That looks so painful as it clearly is. You are such an amazing ambassador for coping with this clearly very debilitating condition and a real inspiration to us all.
    So pleased you enjoyed the Canal Boat experience and the beautiful journey down the Kennet and Avon – hopefully you saw plenty of ducklings and other wildlife whilst meandering?

    Elizabeth and Ken xx

  2. Indeed ouch. That looks very uncomfortable. I hope it returned to normal quite soon.
    Sounds if you had a great canal boat trip.

  3. Gosh Elspeth didn’t realise how uncomfortable it was. Amazed you are able to walk at all. However, I know you never give up on a challenge and you certainly have one there. I am going to hire you for ‘locks’ when next we go!! Well done. xxx

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