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Old and new research to help treat Parkinson’s

In 1961 I was staying in Edinburgh with friends of my parents when newspapers began publishing headlines about a new drug that would revolutionise the treatment of Parkinson’s. The tabloid papers focused on side effects which could include obsessional traits such as sexual behaviour, gambling or shopping. The husband of the family had Parkinson’s and because he had a bad tremor I kept away from him as I didn’t understand his illness and it seemed very scary. That drug was levadopa which is still the gold star treatment. Over the years it has been refined considerably and provides a reliable source of dopamine with less side effects.
There is a lot of research currently under way which, hopefully, will bring new treatment for sufferers. It includes deep brain ultra sound therapy to help those whose tremor is particularly bothersome. Scientists are also looking at the theory that Parkinson’s possibly starts in the gut. Another area being explored is that existing drugs could be repurposed for treating the disease. This week there was even an article about possibly using Sharks liver to treat some of the symptons!

Research is very necessary but costly, fund raising is an ongoing challenge. On April 17th this year there is to be a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London called Symfunny No2. The first concert held last year was a great success and already stars such as singer Katie Melua, comedians Jack Dee and Josh Widdicombe, the team from “Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” and the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir have signed up to take part this time. The idea for the concert came from James Morgan, a music producer, composer and conductor who was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s at the age of 42. He lives in Sussex and came to talk to our local group of Parkinson’s UK recently.

Symfunny 2 at the Royal Albert Hall in April

Symfunny 2 at the Royal Albert Hall in April

We saw the New Year in with friends at a murder mystery party set in Roman times. We all dressed up and had a great time even though after the first couple of rounds nobody could remember what was going on!

Murder Mystery New Years Eve.

Murder Mystery New Years Eve.

Despite the bitterly cold weather, and the ongoing problems with Southern Railway, during January, we managed to see the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House, a real feel good ballet and Red Shoes at Sadlers Wells. Saturday classes have restarted with English National Ballet in London and we are focusing on the original Giselle production this term.

Hopefully I will be allocated a new consultant soon, I haven’t seen a doctor since last May!

8 thoughts on “Old and new research to help treat Parkinson’s

  1. As usual, a very good post Elspeth. I must say though you are looking increasingly like Laura, go for it, she’s young!!



  2. Hi Elspeth. Thanks for your latest message and for all your news. We have checked out the possibility of getting tickets for the Concert in April and it seems that it may be on Wednesday 19th rather than the 17th which is, of course, Easter Monday. Is this right and will you and Peter be going?

    Love the Toga – you look great.

    Lots of love

    Elizabeth and Ken X

    Sent from my iPad


  3. It’s been good to hear about all the recent research in the media. Better drug therapy is always good news. When are you off to Australia Elspeth? Gill xx

  4. Love the costume, Elspeth – what did Peter wear?! It is good news about the recent research and thanks to you for keeping us updated. We only come back from skiing on 16th April so will be unable to make the show but next time. Ken and I saw ‘Sorry I haven’t a clue’ in Chichester on the 18th Jan, brilliant. xx

  5. Very interesting and informative blog, Elspeth. Well done you.
    I am now in Sydney after a fascinating 2 days in Sydney.
    Looking to meeting up with your lovely daughter next week!

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