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Christmas Trees and Parkinson’s

At the beginning of December the aptly named “Good Vibrations” Choir, which I belong to, sang at the Christmas Tree Festival in Cuckfield church. Dozens of trees are decorated by local organisations and charities, and the public are invited to view them over a three day period.

Christmas tree festival at Cuckfield Church

Christmas Tree Festival at Cuckfield Church

Throughout the time choirs and musicians play and sing, an amazing organisation in itself! Half of the money made goes to a local charity, this year it is to the Mid Sussex branch of Parkinson’s UK which provides support and a wide range of activities from exercise classes to monthly meetings for sufferers and their carers in the area. I was delighted to learn that several thousand pounds has been raised; an amazing result.
Singing is particularly good for those with Parkinson’s as it helps keep the facial muscles working as well as possible, I would like to keep smiling!

Continuing on a Christmas tree theme English National ballet construct a tree in the foyer of the Coliseum made from used pointe shoes which have been signed by the ballerinas. When I arrived for my Parkinson ballet class recently there were some worn shoes there for us to sign, they would then join the others on display.

Pointe Shoe Christmas Tree at London Coliseum

Pointe Shoe Christmas Tree at London Coliseum

A little thing perhaps but it made us all feel that we really were part of the company! You can see how the tree was made by typing “English National Ballet’s Point Shoes Christmas Tree 2016” in You Tube .

We spent Christmas at the home of the dashing son and gorgeous daughter-in-law, another lovely tree there with lots of presents underneath too!

In January I have tickets for “Nutcracker” at the Royal Opera House and also for the Matthew Bourne new ballet of “Red Shoes”; please Southern Rail let there be trains!

The weather has turned much more wintry recently and it would appear to me that I seem to feel the cold more, is it that I am just getting older or is it something to do with the condition? I will appreciate the warmth of Australia in March!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Trees and Parkinson’s

  1. Hello
    Elspeth ,I read your emails with great interest every month .I am still well and enjoying life.We spent Christmas in France which was lovely and have some time booked in the Canaries in January?I envy you going to Australia but I find long haul just a bit too much these days,enjoy.Keep well and I wish you all the luck and best wishes for 2017.Pauline

  2. Love the ballet shoes Christmas tree. It’s probably all those holidays to warm places that’s made your body clock recalibrate! Just think, 2 months til Aus. Lau xx

  3. Thanks for all the interesting blogs throughout 2016 Eslpeth. We wish you a happy, peaceful and healthy New Year and will look forward to reading more news of your adventures and achievements.
    Elizabeth and Ken xx

  4. Well done,you, your positivity makes all the difference, and will continue to. We hope you have a very happy, healthy and positive 2017, you have such a lot to look forward to, keep happy -you’ll never lose your smile !! See you quite soon. Barb and Spike

  5. Happy New Year Elspeth, and hope for a good 2017 with more good news about Parkinson’s research and helpful drugs. A friend tried to get tickets for the Red Shoes, too late! We’re going to Giselle instead. I’ll email you soon.

  6. PS. Philip also struggles badly when the temperature drops, but it may be the change in temperature rather than the cold. Our PD nurse says that the hot weather is worse for Parkinson’s patients.

  7. What lovely trees and was sorry to miss seeing you sing. The tree at the Coliseum looked lovely and hope it was deodourised!!! You are not on your own with the cold and I think it may be just an age thing! Wish I could enjoy the warmth of Australia as well – dream on. Big hugs xxx

  8. What a very interesting ballet shoes tree. I’m glad they included their very important ballet participants too. Marvellous to collect so much money from your choral efforts. It’s a bit like recycling isn’t it? You benefit from singing and other organisations benefit from the money you earn. Well done. Glad you had a good Christmas. We did too. Enjoyed seeing our son home from Majorca. Look forward to our next meeting. (We got tickets for the Red Shoes as a Christmas present from our daughter – not in London but in Wycombe, which is conveniently near to us.) Love Frances x

  9. Happy New Year Elspeth. I had seen pictures of the pointe tree but I never expected to have a famous friend who contributed to it . Marvellous . Love Sue

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