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August diary for meandparkinsons

At the beginning of August I went for my appointment with the Parkinson’s Nurse. I didn’t really have much to report so we enjoyed a bit of a chat about what was happening in the Parkinson’s world. I was very surprised to hear that my consultant was leaving the next week and as the NHS doesn’t advertise the appointment until he has gone there will be several months without anyone in his place. We are lucky that our Nurse is so good!

This month’s “Shakers and Movers” Magazine has just come out and there is a report about my visit to a local primary school to talk about Parkinson’s plus a suggestion that other schools might find it valuable in helping children gain a greater understanding of the condition and the impact it has has on people’s lives. I might have a new role! I sent away for a book written by Muhammad Ali’s daughter Rasheda which provides a child’s guide to Parkinson’s disease which will go in my resource pack.

Our Mid Sussex branch of Parkinson’s UK is looking at the possibility of having a ballet class locally and invited a dance teacher to come and demonstrate the kind of activities that could be expected. She has trained with my London Dance for Parkinson’s teachers and the lesson followed the pattern recommended. There were about 60 people all joining in which was lovely to see.

During August we have enjoyed some great trips out. One day we went to Rudyard Kipling’s house Bateman’s near Burwash. The amiable husband had never been there before and found lots to interest him.

Rudyard Kiplings home, Batemans, near Burwash.

Rudyard Kiplings home, Batemans, near Burwash.

Most exciting though was when Rudyard Kipling himself (alias historian Geoff Hutchinson) joined us in the garden to talk about his life and work. He was amazing, from reciting parts of poems from memory to describing his troubled childhood, he had us in the palm of his hand. We googled him later to note that he also can take on the role of Mad Jack Fuller, a Sussex character who built follies. If you ever get a chance to see him perform take it!

History must be a theme for August. I met the Dashing Son in London and after a gluten free lunch at Indigo in 1 Aldwych we joined a guided walk round the Inns of Court titled “Legal and Illegal”.

Middle Temple, London.

Middle Temple, London.

They closely resembled a collection of Oxbridge colleges and gardens, tucked away from the bustle of the city. Our guide, Shaughan, had a story for everywhere we paused and proved an excellent and charismatic leader. There are so many city walks available I would love to join more.

This has been my fourth summer with Parkinson’s. When I was first diagnosed I wondered how things would be, would my life change forever straight away. Helped by friends and family, exercise and luck they have been wonderful years; long may that continue.

4 thoughts on “August diary for meandparkinsons

  1. Wow! You are certainly getting around and about and becoming so knowledgeable! I think you ought to start writing a book soon! Hope to be in touch by phone soon – visitors still arriving and departing until end of September!

  2. Hi Elspeth – Good to hear from you. You lead such an interesting life!
    We are off to Cape Town (via Hong Kong and Brisbane) at end September for 3 months. And you?
    Love Sue

  3. Four years!!! Where has the time gone – but so lovely to see you enjoying all that you love and long may it continue!!! Certainly want to continue in your enjoyment with us all. Love and hugs Charles and Felicity xx

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