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Of feet and things, highs and lows of Parkinson’s

I have been taking madopar for almost 5 months now and I am still learning about how best to use it for maximum benefit. Timing is critical particularly if I want to do an activity that involves swinging my arm or swimming. I had timed it well recently and was swimming up and down at a reasonable pace, excitedly moving into the medium speed lane from my usual slow one when I noticed a fellow regular whom I hadn’t seen for a while staring in frank amazement as I overtook him! I had to explain my change in medication. Several people have said that my tremor is far less noticeable which is fabulous. Obviously there are some side effects, the main one being sudden tiredness particularly in the evening, however, as I tend to be awake around 5am that is not surprising!
I am experiencing some issues with my left foot whereby muscle cramps and dystonia cause the muscles to tighten and shorten involuntarily, usually when I am sitting down for a while. I have to be a bit careful with shoes, my beloved ballet shoes are no good for walking very far as my toes have to grip too much. Recommended are “shoes with laces, Velcro or strap and buckle”. There are a few trendy lace or buckle ones around but I am certainly years away from Velcro! Maybe I will need to find a podiatrist at some point and also use my little spiky ball more.

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the first day of Wimbledon in the public ballot this year and spent a warm sunny day there, soaking up the atmosphere and watching Djokovic open the tournament on the Centre Court.

Day one at Wimbledon 2016.

Day one at Wimbledon 2016.

We are recently back from ten lovely days in Italy, starting with four days food and wine tasting in Tuscany. We stayed in a beautiful hotel blessed with a large and mostly unused swimming pool, perfect.

Personal use of hotel swimming pool.

Personal use of hotel swimming pool.

We then boarded the Queen Victoria and spent a week sailing from Rome (Civitavecchia), through the straits of Messina and the across to Corfu, Kotor, Trieste and finally Venice. I think my favourite day was when we sailed up the fjord like approach to Kotor in Montenegro and then explored the old walled city. Alas our relaxed state didn’t last too long as we experienced the horrors of Marco Polo Airport, Venice, (never, ever fly from there) and a short flight turned into a 26 hour one. No explanations, no water or food and a scene of utter chaos and complete lack of help from any staff; nightmare. The amiable husband is now corresponding with British Airways who are not being very forthcoming. Our next trip to Australia certainly won’t be with them.

After a lifetime of having to go away in the school holidays we are going to enjoy a few weeks at home. Next week we are off to see “Half a Sixpence” at the Chichester Theatre; everyone says it is excellent.

5 thoughts on “Of feet and things, highs and lows of Parkinson’s

  1. You certainly do get around and you are so right re school holidays; I am enjoying “Summer” at home too! X

  2. Sounds like you are having a good summer Elspeth. Has the heat affected you? Philip is struggling at the moment and definitely more tired and not able to function properly!
    He sees the neurologist and his PD nurse in august.

  3. What an ordeal and hope Peter wins with BA. On the shoe front I do feel that you need a personal introduction to Christian Louboutin and I am sure he will come up with the most gorgeous trendy shoes with Velcro!!! Perhaps not with the 4 inch heels!!! Keep going strong you look soon good. xxxx

  4. Sorry it has taken so,long for,me to respond Elspeth but it was good to read your news. Having spoken to Peter recently, we can only imagine how frustrated you must have both been at the chaos when trying to return from Marco Polo Airport – what a shame to have had such an experience which must have put a shadow over what sounds like an amazing holiday. Good to see you looking so well (both of you) despite all the hassle. Looking forward to seeing you both on the 26th.

    Love Eliabeth and Ken. xx

  5. Nothing to do with the blog but great to see you and Peter last night, thanks to Don and Lindi. There’s a lot to read here so I shall catch up this weekend!

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