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Talking to children about Parkinson’s

Earlier this month I visited a local school as part of their community assemblies to talk about Parkinson’s. It has been nearly seven years since as a primary school teacher I would regularly take an assembly and I was very nervous. However, armed with my lesson plans (yes, I could still remember how to write one) all went well. I spoke to the 4-7 year olds first then the 7-11 year olds adjusting the content as appropriate. With help from some materials from Parkinson’s UK I outlined the main problems, talked about how it affected me and how I can help myself and finally some ideas about how they might help.

Parkinson's UK booklet

Parkinson’s UK booklet

They listened carefully and, I hope, came away with some understanding and hopefully a few ideas about helping people in their community. I was touched when one of my fellow “Movers and Shakers” choir members said her grand daughter was there and found it very interesting.

There have been lots of opportunities this month to enjoy outings from home including Nabucco with Placido Domingo at Covent Garden

At Covent Garden for Nabucco opera.

At Covent Garden for Nabucco opera.

and a Swan Lake rehearsal at the Royal Albert Hall with the Dance for Parkinson’s group. A friend invited me to join her on a fascinating tour of the Temple Church, between Fleet Street and the Thames. It was originally built as the headquarters of the influential Knights Templar in the 12th century and has an amazing history, well worth a visit.

There has been plenty of eating and drinking with Ladies Who Lunch this month at some of my favourite restaurants including the fabulous Gravetye Manor with its wonderful gardens. Champagne seems to slip down very easily and I am sure it helps the left hand tremor! We managed a family meal together before the lovely daughter headed back to Australia. The dashing son and beautiful daughter in law were also home for birthday celebrations; the sun even shone for drinks outside!

Next week we have been lucky enough to secure tickets for the centre court in the public ballot for the first day of Wimbledon. It is some years since we were there so just praying for sunshine. The following day we are off to Italy, hence the early Blog this month!

9 thoughts on “Talking to children about Parkinson’s

  1. Once a teacher always a teacher . I expect the children loved the assembly. Have a good time in Italy, look forward to hearing all about it .

  2. I enjoy reading your blog each month Elspeth and keeping up with all your exploits. Like you I am making life as interesting as possible,we are Portugal at the moment enjoying the wonderful sunshine.One of these days we might actually meet up,still plucking up courage to come to a choir meeting..All the very best to you.


  3. What a dull and boring life you lead. You must have an amazing husband to cope with your busy life and expensive tastes, regrettably he does not seem to get much recognition in your blog.I can relate to that.
    We hope to catch up with you in May although I am not sure, at this moment [midnight your time], whether your in or out of the EU. If out do we need a visa or are we in fact back as part of a revitalised Empire????
    Your loving [surrogate] brother in law and his over indulged wife.

  4. Your life is just a whirl of wonder. Keep it up, it sounds amazing. Lucky you to get such good tickets for Wimbledon, fingers crossed for good weather. Look forward to seeing you before too long and hearing in detail all your adventures.

    Frances x

  5. Hi Elspeth
    I always enjoy your blog. You are sounding well and always up to something, it makes very interesting reading and the story about school was good. it makes sense to teach everyone about Parkinson’s.
    Hope you enjoy Wimbledon, lucky to get tickets.
    We’ve just come back from a cruise around Italy which was wonderful and we are off to Biniorella, Majorca next Friday. I somehow manage to work full time around our holidays.
    Take care, Diana x

  6. Dear ElspethI have just re-read your e-mail and realise that you left for Italy  the day I was returning from Italy by train!!Will catch up on your return. Hope you have a great holidayLove Su

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