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May time with Me and Parkinson’s

The lovely daughter has been home from Australia this month and our “girlie” time away has been 36 hours in Amsterdam where we stayed overnight in a lovely boutique hotel along Keizersgracht. I loved the approach with fresh flowers leading the way to the entrance, very pretty.

Amsterdam - flowers at hotel entrance.

Amsterdam – flowers at hotel entrance.

The weather was decidedly chilly with some rain but we managed to see and do plenty from an introductory walking tour of the city to Anne Frank’s House and a visit to the Rijksmuseum where we saw the amazing picture of the Battle of Waterloo by Jan Willem. My Fitbit tells me that we walked 14 miles while there and a lot of that was on cobbles! Did you know that the father of the Dutch King Willem – Alexander suffered from Parkinson’s?

The daughter was persuaded to join a Dance for Parkinson’s Class at the English National Ballet headquarters in London while here; she will be able to picture what it is all about now. On Thursday the class members plus friends have been invited to watch a final rehearsal of Swan Lake at the Albert Hall, very exciting.

The weather has been changeable here but I managed to recently walk part of the South Downs Way from Pyecombe to Fulking which, on an early summer’s day was looking amazing, wild flowers everywhere, birds singing, lush grass and every light green possible on the trees.

The South Downs near Devils Dyke, Sussex.

The South Downs near Devils Dyke, Sussex.

I am continuing with the same medication, madopar, and, although tired at times, enjoying swinging that left arm and almost powering my way along 50 lengths of the pool.

A few facts to finish with:-
The community with the highest prevalence of Parkinson’s in their community is along the Nile River.
The country with the highest prevalence is Albania.
Redheads are at a higher risk of developing Parkinson’s than other hair colours.
Welders have a greater chance of getting Parkinson’s than other occupations.
More men than women have the disease.

… and finally; I was surprised to hear in a speech today Sadiq Khan, the new Mayor of London, says “If you vote remain it means helping fight diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s”. This comment was made at a speech about the European Referendum.

7 thoughts on “May time with Me and Parkinson’s

  1. Hi, Loved hearing about “there lovely daughter” and how fit you are. Vote to stay in the EU. Love as always Ozzie John

  2. So glad you are having a lovely time with the daughter. She will keep you fit and healthy.
    Love to you all, Joy & Ken xx

  3. Thank you Elspeth. You are packing a lot in!

    Tell me, have they found a redheaded welder who was born in Albania and moved to Egypt to live by the Nile?



  4. Good to see that you are still living life to the full. How nice to have time with your daughter in Amsterdam. I have very fond memories of Amsterdam – John has slightly different ones. Glad that you are doing great walks – you do live in a beautiful part of the country. I’m sure the rehearsal at the Albert Hall will be just amazing. Enjoy.

    Frances x

  5. Amststerdam is a fascinating place. Glad you had a good time with Laura. Good news about the arm. Interesting facts about Parkinson’s but rather odd.
    Enjoy your time at the Albert Hall.
    Love Sheila x

  6. So glad that you are able to still keep walking etc Elspeth! It can only be good for you. How lovely to spend time with Laura. Lots of love from Gill xx

  7. So glad you enjoyed Amsterdam . Did you get any sleep? I found the facts really interesting but wherever did you get them from!

    Looking forward to seeing you and the amiable husband and to hear first hand about your travels .

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