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First month with Madopar, replacing the missing dopamine…

When you have a sore throat you expect that the medication you take will treat your throat and it will get better. It seems that when you take dopamine you don’t know which parts of you will be helped and there can be some surprises along the way. Swimming was my first activity to be affected by Parkinson’s and I could only manage a fairly torturous 15 lengths as recent as March. When I got in the pool recently I was amazed to discover that I could just keep going and I swam 48 lengths without any trouble. Recently when testing a walking route with a friend I looked down and found I was swinging the left arm and walking without a limp. Now, when I decided to try Madopar it was to help the tremor and spasm in my left arm and to some extent it has definitely helped the spasm but not the tremor very much. At a recent clinical massage the therapist said she thought my back seemed freer and when having a manicure my fingers didn’t twitch so much. Previously, in Australia, the beautician had despaired of painting my left hand nails telling me to relax repeatedly and then putting one of the sponge toe separators on my fingers! Down sides, of course there are some; very tired at times, dry mouth, need to go to the loo more and dreams that are incredibly real, but on balance at the moment it is helping with my everyday life, long may it continue!

Bluebells in a Sussex woodland

Bluebells in a Sussex woodland

This week has been Parkinson’s Awareness Week and there has been a brilliant programme on BBC television showing the humorous side of Parkinson following the comedy writer Paul Mayhew-Archer (he wrote The Vicar of Dibly) as he goes about his everyday life including attending a Dance for Parkinson’s class in Oxford and an item about a poet friend whose life has been turned round by Deep Brain Stimulation. Let optimism prevail! (The 30 minute BBC programe can be viewed, in the UK, at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b072xkcz.)

We have just returned from a few days in a chilly but sunny Scotland where we explored the coast of Argyll, some glorious places from lochs and glens to gardens and castles, including Inveraray where we chanced upon a piper playing in full costume; a great experience.

The piper at Inveraray

The piper at Inveraray

My particular favourite was an action packed boat ride in force 8 winds from Ardfern to see the Corryvreckan whirlpool – the third largest whirlpool in the world. Strong Atlantic currents and unusual underwater topography conspire to produce a particularly intense tidal race in the Corryvreckan channel – features combine to create whirlpools, standing waves and a variety of other surface effects. We also saw sea eagles, stags, seals and an osprey which flew just in front of us. Beautiful too was the train ride from Fort William to Mallaig, described as one of the great railway journeys of the world this 84 mile round trip included crossing the 21-arched Glenfinnan viaduct – a location made famous in the Harry Potter films.

Next week sees the resumption of the Dance for Parkinson’s classes in London. The group recently went to Saddlers Wells Theatre to see one of the first performances of “She Says” which we will continue to explore this term. In one of the ballets a dancer performs in one block shoe and one bare foot. I don’t think we will be copying that!

10 thoughts on “First month with Madopar, replacing the missing dopamine…

  1. I am so glad the drug is having a positive effect . I was impressed that you could swim 15 lengths , 48 seems incredible . Keep going lovely girl .

  2. Delighted to hear the good news and to see the results – long may it reign!!! Thought of you in Scotland and so pleased all worked well. Do you think the medication could help with orientation in Sussex!!! Keep up the good work. Huge hugs and love. xxx

  3. It seems pretty well all good !! Brilliant trip to Scotland, we’ve been to Correyvreckan and loved it. Loads to see everywhere. Keep going Elspeth, your courage and determination will pay off.!!!!

  4. Good news re new med! Agree with one of the above comments – couldn’t even manage 15 lengths !!
    We’ve had bluebell overload in Kent this year – including those in Knole Park and Emmett’s Garden and I even had a couple surprisingly appear in my garden when I had thought they hadn’t taken.
    Thank you for the link to that programme; I don’t know how I missed it. I think I did tell you that a friend’s husband is head of Parkinson’s UK – Steve Ford.
    I don’t think I’ll be at our next lunch as we are heading to your 2nd home, (although we will be in Brisbane) “en route” to Cape Town!)
    Onwards and upwards Elspeth.
    Love Sue xx

  5. It sounds as if the new drug has improved your quality of life. Good news. Glad you enjoyed your adventures in Scotland and the rail journey sounds lovely. I must keep a note of all the places you visit and then try them out myself. Keep adventuring.


    Frances x

  6. Wow.! You two certainly get around and have some amazing experiences. Hope you continue to swim 48 lengths and your new medication continues to help you in your day to day life. Hope to speak soon and tell you about our trip to Barcelona.

  7. Glad you’re getting on OK with madopar! Philip’s been taking it since diagnosis. We’ve also got a great new Parkinson’s nurse, full of very helpful advice. Gill xx

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