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From Australia to Sussex; time to start the dopamine

The second half of this year’s trip to Australia saw us flying to Sydney for a few days, staying at Finger Quay, just a twenty minute walk through the Botanical Gardens to the Opera House. We managed to get tickets to see La Boheme that very evening; fabulous.



The next day was very hot so we hopped on and off the ferries at Circular Quay to places such as Manley and Watson’s Bay, there was a cooling breeze on the water. The next day the lovely daughter joined us and we began a five day trip driving along the coast back towards Melbourne. Highlights included a night in Kangaroo Valley, a lush, hilly area where we enjoyed a walk through the treetops. Three nights were spent in an isolated cottage at Bawley Point, near Bateman’s Bay
Blackberry Cottage at Bawley Point

Blackberry Cottage, near Bateman’s Bay

with just kangaroos and lots of bird life for company and a scramble through the bush to reach a deserted, white sandy beach.
Racecourse Beach, Bawley Point.

Racecourse Beach, Bawley Point.

We lunched one day at Rick Stein’s fish restaurant at Mollymook which was a real treat.

A week later we were back in Sussex to the beginnings of an English springtime, and a big change in temperature. Time for me to start taking the gold star treatment for Parkinson’s; dopamine. To avoid unpleasant side effects including nausea the build up is very slow. The good news is that so far I feel fine. The not so good news is that there is no improvement whatsoever in the spasm and tremor in the left arm, my main problem. However, this morning I swam an extra 7 lengths without much difficulty. Maybe I am being impatient and more time is needed, I hope so….. I see the Parkinson’s Nurse in three weeks.

5 thoughts on “From Australia to Sussex; time to start the dopamine

  1. Welcome back (to us both) Elspeth. Will we be seeing you on the 2nd April for the next lunch? (I hope I have the correct date)

  2. Sorry not to see you next Saturday Elspeth. Philip has a new Parkinson’s nurse; we’re meeting her for first time on Thursday. Give your medication a chance!! Philip is supposed to start a different regime with his drugs; waiting to get over a bad cold first. Your holiday sounded wonderful.

  3. It sounds as if you had another wonderful time in Australia. When you are away from England in the winter, it is almost impossible to imagine that the weather could be cold and rainy there – but it was!!! Anyway I’m glad to hear the adventure was good. Be patient – by the time we meet, hopefully the dopamine will be taking effect. Looking forward to seeing you and catching up on all your news.

  4. You have certainly seen some beautiful sights and the trip sounded magical. Hope you see some improvrment with the new treatment. Bill and I are in Soyustons for 10 days and it brings back memories of your trip here last October. Beautiful weather her at the moment – it was 24° when we arrived last Saturday.! Will be in touch again on our return.

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