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Can a Fitbit help with my Parkinson’s?

For Christmas I had a Fitbit, a device that monitors how many steps you walk, mileage covered, calories used, stairways climbed, sleep patterns and, depending on the model you have, a variety of other functions. The amiable husband set it all up for me and now I can find out just how much exercise I have done each day on my wristband, iPad and iPhone. You can set up your target numbers and when accomplished the wrist band flashes in an excited way. You can compete with family and friends; I love it if I can beat the dashing son on any day! You can win awards too such as one when you have climbed enough stairs to be at the height of a helicopter! For me it is certainly a motivator and makes me realise that some days I don’t walk very far at all. My instinct tells me that exercise is incredibly important to those of us with Parkinson’s so it could be said that a Fitbit can help. Worth a try and fun too.



Every Sunday morning for decades I have swum at the local swimming pool. One of the first signs that something was wrong with me was when it was taking me longer and longer to get to the end of the pool and my left side seemed to twist under. More than three years after diagnosis I still swim but not as far and with some difficulty, I have a bit of a rest when the left leg becomes ineffective! I hate it when I get splashed and feel generally less secure in water. This is despite being told by my mother many years ago that I was born in a caul and should never drown. I didn’t understand this so looked it up on Google recently and discovered that it is when a baby is born with part of the amniotic sac, or membrane, still in place. Folklore is generally very positive about these “special” babies although I found some reference to them being quite likely to become vampires! Famous people born like this include Lord Byron, Napoleon and James the First.

The beginning of January saw our ruby wedding anniversary and I was taken away for a mystery weekend which turned out to be a stay at a rather lovely Manor House in North Devon and included a six course gastronomic meal.

Lovely Manor house in North Devon

Lovely Manor house in North Devon

We are away for another such occasion with a group of friends, our nickname “is rent a mob”, at a splendid Sussex country hotel this weekend, great.

February sees a return to Australia, sunshine and warmth and time with the lovely daughter.

3 thoughts on “Can a Fitbit help with my Parkinson’s?

  1. Sounds as though you continue to have the travel bug! We are off to Cape Town mid February for a month as Dave’s son is getting married – can’t wait for a bit of that SA sunshine, but hope it’s not too hot!!
    See you sometime in the Spring I guess. xx

  2. Hi Elspeth. The Fitbit sounds great fun and they are becoming very popular. Many congrats to you both on becoming Rubies – the surprise weekend in Devon sounds awesome😍 Looking forward to seeing you both tonight xx

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