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Happy New Year

About 30 years ago I was playing in a badminton match when a loud crack rang out, I turned to see what had happened; had I been shot or had a racket been thrown at me. Neither of those, I had just ruptured my Achilles tendon on my left side. An operation, time in hospital and then months on crutches followed. I returned to badminton with some trepidation but have had no trouble with the tendon since. However, about three months ago I slipped on some mud while on a walking break and since then I seem to have had a stiff right tendon and ankle. I can’t make up my mind if it is an injury or one of those quirky Parkinson’s issues. I remember when I first saw a physio for some basic exercises after my diagnosis she gave me one to do which was a step and curtsy which was to stretch out the calf and Achilles so now I am practising that one again plus lots of pointing and flexing my foot. It only really hurts when I go down stairs when I am very cautious and feel about ninety I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat the injury of yesteryear, however I am still playing a bit of badminton!

The latest “Movers and Shakers” Magazine for our local branch of Parkinsons UK came out last week and I found that a picture of me taken after a short talk I gave recently had made it to inside the back cover, well it was never going to be on page three!

Christmas was spent with the dashing son and gorgeous daughter in law. They looked after us particularly well and we felt very spoilt and relaxed. To recover from Christmas lunch we strolled along the side of the Thames, feeding very hungry swans and ducks. The trouble was that the current was so strong that the wild life was moving on before the bread landed! Back in the house I welcomed the opportunity to bond with Pepper the cat, she is a lovely, fluffy girl who appreciates plenty of strokes and tickles.

Pepper the cat

Pepper the cat

I received a Fitbit wristband for Christmas which should encourage plenty of exercise in 2016, I can see it will be a motivator to keep moving which can’t be bad!

New Year’s Eve this year sees a group of us dressing up as characters from Alice in Wonderland for a Murder Mystery dinner, should be fun, I am the Cheshire Cat so have ears and tail ready!

Happy New Year to everyone, may it be healthy and happy.

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I love reading your chirpy blogs Elspeth. Keep them coming in what I hope is a happy, healthy 2016 for you. Hope to see you in the Spring. Love Sue X

  2. Happy Christmas and New |Year and look forward to spending it with you and Peter. You are doing so well and an inspiration to all parkinson sufferers. Huge love and hugs. Charles and Felicity xxx

  3. Happy New Year to you and Peter and our good wishes to you both. It has been great to read your blogs through 2015 and will look forward to more in 2016. Pleased that you a good time over Christmas and the lovely Pepper. Our time in Wimborne was made very special spending family time with all the family being together including Jasmine and BellešŸ˜ŗ Love to you and al the family Elizabeth and Ken xx

  4. Another great blog, Elspeth, you are so positive which must be brilliant for your health.. We saw a ballet class for ‘movers and shakers’ coming from Liverpool run by the National ballet so there must be groups all over the place.
    We’ll raise a glass to you and Peter at New Year and hope that 2016 will be good for you both. See you before long, Barb and Spike xxx

  5. Another interesting blog Elspeth. It does not seem 30 years ago when you snapped your Achilles’ tendon. Happy New Year to you and Peter. Look forward to the blog from Austalia. Sheila xx

  6. Happy New Year to you and Peter. Reading your blog is a real lesson on how to face any issues positively, one we are practising . Look forward to seeing you soon . Love Sue and Jeff x

  7. Happy New Year to you both. What adventures will 2016 have in store? Plenty I am sure if I know you two. Glad to hear you have achieved celebrity status and who cares about page 3 anyway? Enjoy your stay in Oz and look forward to hearing the next instalment of your life.
    Love Frances and John x

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