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Fumbling fingers with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s moves very slowly which gives you time to adapt to the changes it necessitates. I have noticed over the last months that my manual dexterity has become poorer particularly with two handed tasks such as:-
tying shoe laces,
buckles on strappy shoes,
doing up little pearl buttons,
drying my back with a towel,
putting on my cardigan/coat,
flossing my teeth,
using a knife and fork,
finding things quickly in my handbag – having brightly coloured contents helps;

Different coloured items are easier to find.

Different coloured items are easier to find.

At the end of this month the “Good Vibrations” choir play their second gig during a jazz evening to raise funds for Parkinson’s UK. I am feeling rather nervous as I will miss the last two rehearsals and am finding remembering the words of five songs challenging. One of the choir members has recorded the music for the songs so we can sing along at home; amiable husband moves out of the room pretty fast!

I have just returned from the weekly ballet class at English National Ballet, very exciting. We were filmed for next Monday’s (26th October) Channel 4 News ahead of a report coming out on Tuesday about the impact the classes have had on our Parkinson’s.

This month the said husband and I went to Suffolk for the weekend and enjoyed a weekend staying at the pretty village of Orford in glorious sunshine. Himself is a bit of a twitcher and we spent a day at the RSPB site at Minsmere, an amazing place where he fulfilled an ambition to see a bearded tit!

Bearded Tit

Bearded Tit

I wish birds would stay in one place a bit longer so that a beginner could get the binoculars focused in the right place. Wading birds like the advocet are very helpful as they stay on the ground longer!

On Sunday we fly to Biarritz, France, to stay with an old college friend who has lived in France for forty years. The weather hopefully will be kind to us and we can explore some of Les Landes, country and seaside during our last break for 2015. However, there are lots of dinners and celebrations to enjoy through the festive season and it will soon be time to fly to Australia again in mid February for some warmth and sunshine and to spend time with the lovely daughter.

7 thoughts on “Fumbling fingers with Parkinson’s

  1. hello Elspeth,once again I have enjoyed reading your email.I was also in Suffolk this month in Orford and stayed at Snape Maltings the weekend the food fair was on.We also visited Minsmere and enjoyed the lovely walk as much as anything.I think Suffolk is my favourite county in England.
    Enjoy your next trip and hope the weather is kind.WE have just returned from Sicily where there was glorious sunshine everyday,wonderful.

    Best wishes


  2. Always good to read your blog, Elspeth. Looking forward to “Good Vibrations” on Friday and lovely dinners. I love the idea of bright colours in our bags to help find things, I’m sure lots of people reading your blog will “steal” this idea. Enjoy France.
    Love, ” the other Elspeth” xx

  3. Hi Elspeth, I did reply but let me know when your next one is as I think I’ve just scrubbed myself off your list!! Will explain when I see you, clearly a bit too early in the morning for me! Have fun in France. Love, Elspeth xx

    Sent from my iPad


  4. It was good to see you last week for a face to face catch up Elspeth. Look forward to seeing lots of photos from France xx

  5. Good to hear how busy you are. Will try to remember to watch the programme on Parkinsons tomorrow. I enjoyed the recording on Youtube. I am sorry that you are having problems with everyday life – what a horrid thing Parkinsons is. Good to hear that you are off to the South of France – I can’t help wondering if the warmer weather will have a beneficial effect – it certainly helps with creaky joints!! Good luck with the choir. Look forward to seeing you soon.

    Love Frances x

  6. Hi Elspeth – what a great idea for finding things in a handbag – this is one of the banes of my life when my keys hide or I can’t find my phone and panic sets in! We loved the ballet video and it was great to see the work you do together at your classes.

    Hope you have enjoyed your visit to France -.your annual travel diary must make really interesting reading.

    We wish you and all the members of Good Vibrations luck with the forthcoming concert and we are sure it will be an amazing success – not sure if we missed the notification of the concert and apologies if we have overlooked it💁 Hope to come to another one in the future

    Looking forward to seeing you all here on the 22nd.



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