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Parkinson’s lack of expression; try singing and dancing!

A common problem for those of us with Parkinson’s is making sure our face and voice convey our emotions to others. Singing and Dancing can be a big help in this area as muscles that stiffen can be given a good work out.

“The Good Vibrations” Choir that I belong to begins each session with lots of exercises to help get things moving from humming to cackling like a witch or using different tone or volume. We stretch and yawn, reach out for high notes or stoop down for low. We learn new songs each week or revisit and improve ones learnt before. It is time now to prepare for our second jazz “gig” at the end of October which has been an instant sell out and will help make money for Parkinson’s UK.

On Saturday I joined the main class run by English National Ballet for Parkinson’s and noticed several similarities in the warm up. This term the ballet we focus on is Romeo and Juliet, music by Tchaikovsky, so we need to practise our Italian vowels, sometimes strong and loud and sometimes gentle and soft. We looked at the first part of the story and imagined we were part of the street market in Verona making gestures to convey the activities happening. Now, I am a very inhibited person who finds this aspect pretty challenging but I am determined to give it a go. We had two dance teachers and musicians plus lots of dance students to help us, there is some wonderful music in which made things a little easier!
Thursday October 1st is World Ballet Day with dance, mostly live from five major companies but also including a visit to smaller ones such as ENB which will show some film from our Parkinson’s class this week. It starts in Melbourne at 3am (UK time) with the Australian National Ballet then continues all day and in particular at the ENB sometime between 2-3pm at http://www.worldballetday.com and on-line for 30 days.

Recently we had a wonderful weeks river cruise travelling along the Saone and the Rhone in France. The sun shone all week as we ambled along looking at all the Burgundy vineyards and as we got further south the wonderful Roman remains at Arles and Avignon.

Amazing Roman remains

Amazing Roman remains

Whilst in Avignon we passed a very expensive jewellery shop which had this tutu, encrusted with gems, in the window. The amiable husband hid the credit cards!
The expensive tutu!

The expensive tutu!

We have just returned from a week walking in Shropshire with my walking group; they seem to have “mountains” there which provided beautiful views but meant plenty of ascents. We were lucky enough to have much drier weather than at home in Sussex. Once home though all changed and I helped lead a walk in near monsoon conditions which tested the waterproofing of our boots!

Finally, last week I joined the amiable husband and dashing son for a World Cup Rugby match at Brightons AmEx stadium, between Samoa and the USA – a wonderful stadium with a great atmosphere.

World Cup Rugby in Brighton.

World Cup Rugby in Brighton.

7 thoughts on “Parkinson’s lack of expression; try singing and dancing!

  1. Lovely to hear that you are up to your usual varied activites – mostly involving walking, singing and now of course ballet. What a meanie Peter was not to buy you that gorgeous tutu!!! Hope he is enjoying the rugby – I’m sure Jeff was pleased with the Welsh victory last night. I feel positively lazy listening to your life. Keep it up. As ever I am full of admiration.


    Frances x

  2. Lovely to read and keep us all updated. We’ve just had a week at Askrigg and did some walking. River cruise sounded wonderful & will add that to my list of future holidays. You look well in all the photos and always busy from the sound of it.
    Lots of love
    Diana x

  3. Yesterday my son and his family took part in a sponsored fun run for Parkinson’s UK, at Waddesdon Nat.Trust. the children ran 500metres, and adults ran 5 km. In the twilight. Great fun and they all did well. Beautiful venue and great weather.
    Husband – who is the one with Parkinson’s, was torn because he also wanted to go to football. Guess which won!!
    Gill Geraghty xx

  4. I can’t understand why Peter had his cards locked up!!! You would look gorgeous in thed tutu, and wouldn’t the red ballet shoes go well with it. Keep up the good work. Will I see you on Saturday in Romeo and Juliet? Will look out for the red ballet shoes, then I will know it is you!!!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your TV appearance! Lau xx p.s. I recognise that shop in Avignon, it was an expensive street!

  6. Great to hear about all your activities. I do admire you particularly with the ballet but very liberating once you have got more used to the theatre of it. Will look forward to seeing it on the 1st. Sheila x

  7. Having just watched the clip from your ballet class and also World Ballet Day , I am inspired to see how enthusiastic some people who have Parkinson are and the wonderful opportunities on offer to help keep them keep fit. The holiday sounds great and we will look forward to hearing more when we next meet.

    Elizabeth and Ken xx

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