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Me and Parkinson’s – Life with an automatic

After struggling for some months pushing down the clutch pedal on my car with my weaker left leg, even the amiable husband was grimacing when I changed gears, I am now the proud owner of a fully automatic Kia Picanto. After the initial fear and trepidation I am beginning to feel quite confident and it is definitely MUCH easier. The left leg sometimes wants to join in but on the whole has accepted that it’s now happily redundant!

I have had some exciting news too this week as I have been accepted into the main ballet classes at English National Ballet for people with Parkinson’s. The main focus will be Romeo and Juliet, the Autumn Production for ENO.

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Should I have a swirly black skirt and some ballet shoes? I haven’t had any of those since I was seven. Term starts at the end of September on a Saturday afternoon which fits in well as the said amiable husband will be supporting Brighton & Hove Albion. I have worked out that if I go up to London a bit earlier than I have to I can go one stop past the Ballet studio and have a look round the shops in Kensington High Street first!

The newly formed Parkinson’s UK Sussex Service Users panel met recently in Brighton to finalise plans to encourage local health professionals to give out more information about the help available through Parkinson’s UK to those recently diagnosed with the condition. I will need to talk to my local branch members which will be quite a challenge, I haven’t done anything like that for years. Hopefully we can all work together to help provide support for many more Parkinson’s sufferers.

While Googling Parkinson’s UK I came across the most amazing comic strip alphabet describing what happens in a humorous way, it is brilliant and can be found at https://drawnoutthinking.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/louises-a-to-z-of-parkinsons-compressed.pdf

I have not been on holiday yet in August but tomorrow set off for a week on a river cruise travelling south along the Rhone in France from Beaune to Arles, lots of wine tasting (good for a tremor) and visits to amazing sights such as the Pont du Gard.

Pont du Gard

Pont du Gard

However August has been busy with lots of lovely things including spending the day with the dashing son in Covent Garden, staying with friends and a visit to the beautiful gardens at Wisley. I am helping lead a walk in September so have been preparing a five mile trail ending with lunch in a local pub.

It’s always good to keep busy!

5 thoughts on “Me and Parkinson’s – Life with an automatic

  1. As usual you are putting us to shame with your energy! Glad you are enjoying your automatic car. I sold my lovely geared Citroen and took over my Dad’s automatic Kia Rio 3 years ago. Geared driving is the real thing – and I love it- but an auto is so convenient. K-e-e-p. dancing !! xx

  2. Enjoy every moment….I’m envious of all your holidays. Need a ballet picture of you, what an experience! Lots of love “the other Elspeth” xx

  3. Fascinating trips – all so exciting – and those ballet shoes and floatie skirt over tights (how gorgeous). Love the blog and the link. Fascinating and you are doing all the right things. Keep up the good work and I am sure Laura will drag you up Everest yet (that’s over 3,000 feet)!!! Love and hugs Charles and Felicity xxx

  4. Dear Elspeth I have just read the fascinating comic strip in your last e-mail. It is excellent – a courageous lady with a lovely daughter – just like you. Once again the time went too quickly last week didn’t it? I must write a list of questions to ask for our next meeting – I might get to catch up properly if I do!!! Keep up the good work and enjoy the ballet. Love Franes x

    Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 21:16:13 +0000 To: franyemm@hotmail.co.uk

  5. Hi Elspeth. Great news about your Margot Fontein experience – let us know when tickets go on sale for your premiere – and pleased you have your new wheels😄. Hope August travels were enjoyable and relaxing and we look forward to sharing more news in your next blog. Loved Lucie’s story and comic strip – it helps to read about other people’s experiences. Lots of love and will look forward to seeing you soon. Elizabeth and Ken xx

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