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An Opportunity to Dance with Parkinson’s

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to English National Ballet’s headquarters at Markova House in London for a taster session dance class for those with Parkinson’s; a memorable and exciting afternoon. Led by the wonderful Danielle we experienced a well structured class which led to a final dance based on the ENB’s current touring production of “Lest We Forget”.

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Nervous novices were soon enjoying the whole experience and with careful partnership sections introduced in the dance we soon got to meet other participants and begin to make new friendships. Research has shown that dance can provide many benefits, physical, mental and social. Next week there is another taster session, can’t wait! Parkinson’s UK now has web pages about dance opportunities and how to get involved.

Today I saw the Parkinson’s Nurse and agreed I would continue with just the Rasagiline for a while longer whilst appreciating that I will need to take something more in the coming months. I feel so well I don’t want to jeopardise that! Changing gear is becoming quite difficult so research on an small automatic car has begun, watch this space! I am keeping an eye on possible slight hair loss; is it Parkinson related or maybe just my age!

This month’s holiday has been to Lake Como in Italy with good friends; a glorious lake with beautiful villas and gardens.

In the Italian Lakes

In the Italian Lakes

We went on trips to Lake Maggiore and also on the Bernini Express over the mountains to St Moritz in Switzerland, amazing views and wild flowers. Most of all though I enjoyed visiting the local villages around the lake by boat.

The lovely daughter flew in from Australia at the beginning of July and we managed three very hot days in Avignon, France, travelling directly there by Eurostar. Great service but a few issues with the current disputes in France on the way back, including farmers putting tractors on the line.

Travelling is wonderful but there can also be a few issues!

6 thoughts on “An Opportunity to Dance with Parkinson’s

  1. Another great blog Elspeth confirming just how motivated you are, g never allowing a challenge to beat you. We were amazed to hear about your first ballet class when we met on Sunday and we really admire your spirit. Hope you enjoy the next class and we will be the first to buy tickets for Covent Garden for your debut! The photo of you by the beautiful lakeside looks wonderful and brings back many memories. Good luck with the auto car research and we will look forward to your next blog.

    Love Elizabeth and Ken xx

  2. I’m so glad that you have managed to take part in your dance class. I’m sure the next will be even better. Look forward to hearing all about the experience when we all meet. Lake Como picture is beautiful – it is a lovely part of the world. Look forward to hearing about that too. I feel that the French are a law unto themselves – we have tried twice to travel by train from Paris to Narbonne – had tickets – and each time the French went on strike and we weren’t able to go. I shall not be trying a third time!!! Having said that, friends have also gone to Avignon by train and have loved the experience. Keep blogging

    Love Frances x

  3. Sounds marvellous and can’t wait to hear all the details. I do feel Moira Shearer is looking down and seeing the next ‘red shoes’!!! Do you think there is going to be another World Premier for the Parkinsons Ballet Dancers? Looking gorgeous in the Lakes, as always and will catch up soon.

  4. You look fab and I’m pleased you enjoyed Italy because you know I do! Automatic cars are the way to go……looking forward to catching up soon. Love “the other Elspeth ” xx

  5. August 1st, so I just checked in to read July’s post and you didn’t disappoint! Good to hear that you are doing well and have been enjoying your summer. Your latest ‘dance’ adventure sounds brilliant! Hope you have fun next week.
    Love Liz B xx
    PS Our lovely 11 year old VW Polo is on its last ‘legs’ and, when taken in for its annual service last week, the garage advised it wasn’t worthwhile to do it!. So we’ve ordered an automatic (new for us) Golf. Derek went for a test drive and said it was wonderful not having to worry about gears! Good luck to you with that project. An automatic should be great for you. xx

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