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The importance of exercise for Parkinson’s patients; one sufferer’s experiences.

I have always enjoyed exercise of some kind but now, nearly 3 years after the Parkinson’s diagnosis, it feels more important than ever. Looking at research I like the idea that exercise can help with the management of symptons and possibly slow down the disease progression – “it puts the patient, not a pill at the centre of care”. I know each person has different symptons and what works for one person will not suit another but it seems to help me. I do a mixture of things, lots of Pilates, walking, swimming and, of course, my favourite activity, badminton.

I play at a friendly club rather than League now and have learnt to adapt my serve, a tremor is not helpful with this, and still get a real kick out of playing. I was thrilled to be asked to play in a match a few weeks ago and although the results were not in our favour I enjoyed the whole experience. Unfortunately we were using different shuttles and I soon realised I had tennis elbow, a few weeks without play will sadly be necessary. I must fit in another lot of exercises for that!

However, I could still be a Parkinson’s ballerina! Having failed at my first attempt to join a class run by English National Ballet they have emailed me about two taster classes in July, fingers crossed I can get into one of them. It just sounds a wonderful idea, people with Parkinson’s working with ballet professionals.

At the end of May we joined ex colleagues of the amiable husband in Bath and spent time exploring that beautiful city, in particular the Roman Baths. We were staying just outside and were lucky enough to be able to travel to the centre of Bath by boat.

At the Roman Baths in Bath.

At the Roman Baths in Bath.

I recently celebrated my third birthday with Parkinson’s and enjoyed champagne and canapes with friends in the garden one day and then, on the actual day, went to the beautiful National Trust gardens at Sissinghurst where we spent time in the “white garden” and were able to see the roses at their best.

At the National Trust gardens, Sissinghurst, Kent.

At the National Trust gardens, Sissinghurst, Kent.

We are off to Lake Como in Italy this week and look forward to seeing lots of places in that area. When we get back from there the lovely daughter flies in from Australia; July will be busy!

5 thoughts on “The importance of exercise for Parkinson’s patients; one sufferer’s experiences.

  1. You are doing so well, and sorry you wont be playing badminton, but can’t think how you are going to get even more exercise classes in!!! Ballet definitely the way forward – who knows we might yet see you on the stage at Covent Garden. La Fille mal garde!!! Keep up the good work. Love and hugs

  2. Your postings are always an inspiration Elspeth and we so admire your courage. You are such a great ambassador for the Parkinson’s group and we wish you and Peter a great time away. Looking forward to our lunch date next month and to seeing you at Covent Garden very soon. Love Elizabeth and Ken xx

  3. Great to hear about all your activities and holidays and how you are keeping yourself fit. Hope you will be back playing badminton soon. Have a great time in Italy and look forward to hearing all about the trip. Love Sue

  4. I agree about exercise. Philip still walks as much as he can with our Irish Setter,Rosie (who is quite an old lady now, but still loves her walks) and plenty of exercise with his favourite occupation which is gardening. I think a happy medium is important, so not to get overtired.
    I am sure you have had a lovely time in Italy and will be looking forward to seeing ‘the lovely daughter’ again!
    My family are going to do a fun run in September for Parkinsons at one of the Nat.Trust places.
    love, Gillian

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