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Parkinson’s in Sussex Springtime

This month it was time to see the consultant again for a “where are we now” discussion. Apart from the dodgy left arm I feel really fit and well and am enjoying life so prefer to just continue to take Rasagiline and not progress to dopamine yet. He pointed out that if I was left handed it would be a very different story, which I accept!

I belong to a newly formed Service Users Panel for those with Parkinson’s in Sussex, and we are working on a project to encourage clinicians and health workers to offer newly diagnosed patients information about help available both nationally and locally through Parkinson’s UK. During the recent Parkinson’s Awareness week a church service was held locally which included a poem written specially to encourage support and friendliness towards sufferers. I was delighted to help by reading aloud the poem, you can listen to it by clicking on this YouTube website: http://youtu.be/qETS5z7nvVo ; some beautiful art work too. The local branch here in Mid Sussex is very active and offers a wide range of activities from the choir to monthly meetings and exercise classes.

Talking of exercise I led a 10 mile walk this week from the beautiful Nymans Gardens

Nymans Gardens, Sussex

Nymans Gardens, Sussex

to Balcombe for lunch and then back through Staplefield to the start. Spring flowers were out in abundance, trees were every shade of green and lambs gambolled in the fields, glorious!
Lambs gambolling

Lambs gambolling

Earlier in the month we went on a short cruise which enabled us to visit Bruges and Honfleur, both beautiful places with historical centres to explore. Bruges particularly would certainly merit a longer stay, so much to see there.



Feeling so well I want to make the most of every opportunity and look forward to visiting Bath later this month and Lake Como in June.

3 thoughts on “Parkinson’s in Sussex Springtime

  1. Wow… Sussex is looking very sunny in those photos! All that exercise seems to be working wonders. Looking forward to walking (and eating and drinking…) in Provence in July. Lau xx

  2. What a great blog, Elspeth. So good to see you are enjoying yourself so much and keeping well. The photo at Nymans brought back memories of our visits there. Beautiful Spring colours.Hope to speak soon.

  3. Sorry I am so late in replying to your latest blog – holiday in Somerset this time!! It was lovely to hear you speaking the poem with such emotion. It certainly reaches all the parts. Keep up the good work and keep up all the lovely travelling. Look forward to hearing details when we meet next. Love Frances

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