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Parkinson’s and Eyes

Parkinson’s is certainly an interesting disease to have, there is plenty to research and people all progress in different ways. It is nearly two and a half years since my diagnosis and I have been pretty lucky so far. I have this month become aware that there is a slight problem with my eyes and they can sometimes become dry and itchy. After a bit of Googling I realise it is a fairly common problem and often brought about by reduced blinking. I was having coffee with a friend and said to her:-“nothing wrong with my blink”. To my surprise she said that I hadn’t blinked for ages! Discussions with pharmacists and opticians have led me to purchase some eye drops which seem to help considerably.

I recently saw my wonderful Parkinson’s Nurse and we agreed that I would continue to use Rasagiline only, helped along by lots of exercise which I find beneficial. We also talked about the newly formed Parkinson’s choir and I was delighted to hear that she would be attending the world premier of “Good Vibrations!” which is in less than two weeks!

One of Good Vibrations songs

One of Good Vibrations songs

I am practising hard and trying to remember all the words. We come on for a short performance before supper and can then relax and listen to the live jazz group – the performance is a sell out! Singing can help symptoms of Parkinson’s such as stiff neck muscles, swallowing and vocal chord issues and we can enjoy ourselves too.

Regarding my last blog – sadly I won’t become a Parkinson’s ballerina as all the classes begun by the English National Ballet are completely full! They have promised to let me know of any related activities that may occur such as taster sessions. I shall have to content myself with going to watch dance, Onegin and Swan Lake at Covent Garden were both fabulous this month.

Only two weeks until we set off for a month to Australia. This year’s challenge, set by the lovely daughter, is a trek across Wilsons Promontory National Park to the lighthouse at the end – over 12 miles each way.

Lighthouse at Wilsons Prom

Lighthouse at Wilsons Prom

We stay overnight before making our way back, there are no roads so we will have to keep going, we need to carry food and bedding too so hope the weather is not too hot!

The next blog will be from Melbourne.

7 thoughts on “Parkinson’s and Eyes

  1. All I can say is that English National have missed a golden opportunity!!! Don’t give up – I believe the ‘ballet scouts’ will be on the look out next season!!! xx

  2. Great way to keep in touch, Elspeth. You certainly write a good blog! I hope you have a wonderful time in Oz and I will try to ring you before you go.Take care.Love Sue.

  3. Hi Elspeth, I’m looking forward to your “world premier” and your next blog from Australia. The lighthouse walk will keep you out of mischief and I’m sure the views will be amazing. Wishing you a lovely trip. With love “the other” Elspeth xx

  4. Well don you for (hopefully) walking 24 miles in total. I guess it will be beautiful. Enjoy time with your daughter.See you in Tonbridge in April. love, Gill

  5. Hi Elspeth. So pleased you have found a solution to the ‘itchy eye’ symptom and you must be so excited about your forthcoming trip and all the adventures you are planning. We are really looking forward to the World Premier on Friday and to being part of the audience. Love Elizabeth and Ken x

  6. Hello Elspeth, hope you and Peter are enjoying your time with Laura in Australia. I look forward to reading your blog each month and am so pleased to hear just how well and busy you are keeping! xx

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