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Two years on from the Parkinson’s diagnosis

This week was the second anniversary of my Parkinson’s diagnosis. I looked at some statistics regarding this unforgettable day and was shocked to find that 42% of patients were unaccompanied at these meetings. The amiable husband has been with me to every consultant and Parkinson’s appointment, as a support and as someone to make notes and ask questions. Two years on and things are more difficult but still manageable, I continue to just take the neuro protector medication which has no side effects and may be helpful. The dodgy left arm is a nuisance, particularly when walking but changes are so slow one can generally find a way round things. I am more clumsy and sometimes the fingers on my left hand tend to freeze and then need a bit of encouragement to get moving. People say I look really well and I certainly feel it. All the pilates, hydrotherapy, badminton, swimming and walking keep you fit! All the coffee, lunches and teas chatting with friends keeps you sane!

The Blog has now had more than 4,000 Viewings from over 60 countries. They are mostly from friends and acquaintances but I seem to have some daily from Brazil, which is interesting.

Earlier this month the amiable husband and I went with a large group to a hotel in Devon with a focus on sporting and art activities. I played badminton each morning, walked on Dartmoor daily, swam and enjoyed massages while he played different golf courses, did pistol shooting, archery and joined me on one of the walks.

..ready for action!

..ready for action!

...walk on the wild side - Black Tor, Dartmoor.

…walk on the wild side – Black Tor, Dartmoor.

We have been away several times this year with no problems so have booked a trip to the lovely daughter in Australia next March, a short cruise with college friends in April, exploring the Lake Como area in Italy in June and a walking break near Ludlow in September.

Looking forward to them all in 2015.

3 thoughts on “Two years on from the Parkinson’s diagnosis

  1. It does not seem possible that it is 2 years. You look very fit and raring to go in your badminton photo. Lake Como is lovely and at that time of year in June should be great for temperature.
    Must be fascinating to get replies from so many different countries.

    Sent from my iPad


  2. What a wonderful husband you have and what a full life you are both leading; I wonder if you will have time to fit in your old TTHS buddies ??? 🙂
    Best wishes for all your planned trips but, firstly, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
    Love Sue xx

  3. Hi Elspeth

    Great action photos! So pleased you had a good time in Devon – it sounds as though it was a fun packed holiday and I am sure you had a great time with your group of friends, Things now getting very exciting here!

    Your positive attitude and approach to Parkinson’s is a great credit to you and I am sure it is a real help to fellow sufferers.

    Have a fab Christmas and we will look forward to seeing you both at the end of January.

    Love E and K x Sent from my iPad


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