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Sleeping with Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s affects everyone in different ways but up to 90% of sufferers experience changes to sleep patterns. This could be due to the condition itself, the medication taken or a combination of the two. I have always had vivid dreams but they are certainly more frequent and there have been occasions when I call out. However, I am quite lucky at present and generally manage about six hours which is fine but means that I am awake pretty early. This does have a couple of advantages. Firstly, I can book popular pilates classes at the local leisure centre, leave it after 6am four weeks ahead and the class will be full! Secondly, the daily newspaper is delivered just after 6am and I can enjoy the morning cuppa with an in-depth read before anyone else stirs; nicer in summer than winter though.

A friend recently gave me an article about foods that may help trigger the production of norepinephrine and dopamine which includes chicken, avocado, cottage cheese, bananas and peanuts – all things that I like so worth keeping at the top of the shopping list.

I find a glass of wine in the evening helps the tremor but I will have to avoid upping the amount to two glasses a night or fall foul of a new report which suggests a pill that could reduce the desire for a second glass – help, it’s a dopamine suppressant!

The Parkinson’s UK service users panel that I have joined is to meet again at the end of November to consider ways of getting more information and initial help to those receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s – none of us will ever forget that day. If you are a sufferer and would like to tell me about your experience that would be very useful, information from other countries would be fascinating.

October sunshine in Porto Cristo, Majorca.

October sunshine in Porto Cristo, Majorca.

This month’s holiday was four beautiful sunny days in Majorca at an apartment/hotel overlooking a marina in the east of the Island. Great value and a good way to make summer last a little bit longer. In November we have four nights at a sporting hotel in Devon; now there’s a challenge!

5 thoughts on “Sleeping with Parkinson’s

  1. Majorca looks fabulous! Lucky you’ve got so many wonderful friends to enjoy pilates with. The other great thing about being up at 6am is it’s 7pm in Australia and the perfect time to chat 🙂 Lau xx

  2. Keep going gal you are doing great, and I would definitely continue with the wine and forget the anti-alcohol tablet. More fun with wine especially sharing it with friends and family!!! Charles and Felicity xxx

  3. Lovely to be kept up-to-date on your life. I’m sure you will be a fantastic support to others in the same situation. Keep up the good work. Glad the ‘too good to miss’ holiday was just as good as you hoped. Look forward to seeing you soon.


  4. Hi Elspeth – your photo taken in Majorca looks lovely and brings back happy memories of a family holiday in Puerto Pollensa – you must get Ken to tell you about his Gladys Emmanual impression when we next see you! Your positive attitude is such a credit to you and a great help to fellow sufferers. You have set me a challenge to make a meal including the items which are good for you next time you are here – I think I could manage a banana avocado and peanut omelette washed down with the required glass(es) of chiled wine!! Enjoy Devon. Love Elizabeth and Ken xx

  5. Hi Elspeth , missed this one so a late reply.

    I agree with the friend above, keep drinking the wine .

    When we meet soon I hope you will have been to the committee meeting so we can have an update.

    I am not an early riser unless going to court , so when I open my eyes in future I will think of you with your tea. And paper .

    Love Sue x

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