Good Vibrations!

This month I have joined a choir, not an ordinary choir but one particularly for people with Parkinson’s. Thirty of us met at the hall rather wondering what we would find. Well, we have a wonderful, energetic and enthusiastic lady who makes you feel quite uplifted and try things you would never have imagined, even with my natural inhibitions. The name of our choir is to be Good Vibrations, very appropriate and important to keep a sense of humour! There is even a rumour that we may have our first booking. When I Googled “Music therapy and Parkinson’s” I was amazed to find out how many positive sites there are out there. We have our first admirer, a small boy on his way home from school, was heard to say that he thought
it sounded lovely! The singing is jazz based, I am more likely to sing along with Songs of Praise but I could be converted!

I have also joined a Service User Involvement Project for Parkinson’s UK, East and West Sussex. We had our first meeting this week and decided to look at how we can encourage consultants, GP’s, Parkinson’s nurses and others involved in supporting sufferers to mention the help that can be given by Parkinson’s UK, particularly upon diagnosis; “no one needs to face this on their own”. In the UK one person faces the diagnosis every hour. The group was rather small so the first task is to recruit some additional volunteers to give a more representative group.

...sailing along the Danube

…sailing along the Danube

It’s been hard to fit in a holiday this month but managed to squeeze in a very enjoyable week travelling by ship along the Danube visiting places such as Salzburg, Vienna and Budapest. It is an region we don’t know at all so all the more fascinating, I must go back and remind myself of some of the history, wonderful buildings from the time of the Hapsburg Empire and some amazing characters like Sissi, the wife of Franz Joseph and thus Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia.

On Sunday we travel to Majorca for 5 days, we found an offer too good to refuse!