Make hay while the sun shines.

This month started with a 6 monthly check up at the hospital with my consultant. My main aim was to develop our relationship more, we have many years ahead together – I did get him to smile this time! We agreed that not much has changed and until the Parkinson’s affects my lifestyle I will just continue to take the Azilect, a drug that increases the effect of remaining dopamine and is possibly a neuro protector. He doesn’t want to see me for 9 months unless the condition changes, which is good.

I think that I must be fitter than I have been for years! The pilates is brilliant for keeping flexible and I feel so good after classes I am more than happy to attend 4 sessions each week, I miss it if I can’t get there. I am getting better at fitting the Hydrotherapy into my life and find any equipment I need is available at our local pool in the health suite. The trickiest thing is trying to turn from floating on my back to my front, one way is easy but the other way I am struggling and have to work really hard, everything somehow involves core stability!

The waves at Noosa

The waves at Noosa

When we were staying at Noosa in Queensland earlier this year the lovely daughter and I were jumping over the surf waves, suddenly a slightly larger wave came up and I was immediately swept off my feet and managed a back flip before surfacing (didn’t know I could even do one)! Now I realise that it was the poor core stability to blame!

I have met lots of lovely people during my physio visits to the local hospital including a fellow Parkinson’s sufferer who was diagnosed at about the same time as me, enjoys exercise and has a positive outlook. We live close to each other and have met for coffee to chat about our “journeys” and how they are both similar and different, good to support each other.

I have also met the organiser of the local Parkinson’s UK group and she has told me about a service users panel that is being set up locally to look at various issues such as how to get the most from the appointments with your consultant. I feel that I would like to become involved in some small way and this would seem very appropriate and meetings will be quite nearby.

We are continuing to holiday as much as possible while it is easy to manage, off on a river cruise on the Danube in September, guess “it’s make hay while the sun shines”! Long may it continue to do so…