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Pins and Needles

This has been a busy month!

On the Parkinson’s front I have been very impressed by the help the NHS has been giving me over the last few weeks. Having completed six physiotherapy sessions I was recommended for acupuncture and hydrotherapy and this is really helping me to understand what is happening to my body. The acupuncture is fascinating, it is being used to help the muscles around my right shoulder blade which are overworking to compensate for weakness on my left side.DSCF1020
The hydrotherapy is helping to build up muscles on that side now and I can see that working in the pool could be a great help; I will need to make sure I have all the exercises written down! It really shows up the imbalance between the right and left…….

We have just come back from a short break in Provence, visiting the area around the Lac de St Croix which we have been to before. DSCF1063
We took friends to see the view from the top of the hill over the beautiful blue lake but on returning to the hire car found the back window smashed in, though there was nothing to take. Other cars had similar problems and at 2pm there was a multinational queue forming at the Gendarmerie, staffed by a policeman who could only type on the computer with one finger! Negotiations with the car hire company were lengthy and staff initially very unhelpful. At last the damaged car was towed away and we travelled by taxi to collect another much smaller car, at least it had 4 wheels and windows! Luckily the rest of the holiday was without further problems and we managed to do most of what we planned.

Back home our local leisure centre has new management from next week and we are all waiting to see what happens; will all the facilities be available? I have built up the pilates and other classes carefully so that they work with my life and don’t dominate it, got to leave space for all those lunches out with friends!

11 thoughts on “Pins and Needles

  1. Hi Elspeth. So pleased you are getting help from the hydrotherapy and acupuncture but I must say the needles look scary! It is good to hear that the NHS are coming trumps as you hear too many negative comments .
    Love E and K xx


  2. Wonderful. Speaking of lunches hope you are joining us this Tuesday at The Vauxhall followed by alumni tea at Weald of Kent (if not hope you have a good excuse at the ready!) x

    • Hi Sue,
      Really sorry but not going to make this one. Hope it goes well and say “hi” to the others from me. Thanks for your continuing support, much appreciated. You must be in the country then! Love elspeth

  3. What a wonderful place – not surprising you return so often!!! Remember you could always try out the shoulder movement when out lunching with the girls – with the shoulder roll!!! Keep up the good work you are certainly looking good on it!!

  4. Acupuncture does look a bit gruesome but so glad it is helping. I am sure a better understanding of your body will help as well. Enjoy Hadrian’s Wall with the ‘lovely daughter’. You will be even fitter after that!

  5. Hi Elspeth,

    Just catching up! Have to say all those needles look painful. The hydrotherapy sounds kinder. You are amazing, can’t believe how much exercise you do. Looking forward to you encouraging me to get back into it.

    Love, Elspeth xx

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  6. Dear Elspeth

    I’m a bit late in commenting this time as we were in Sicily with the Bakers, but Sue and I read your blog on her tablet and sent you lots of good vibes even if we didn’t manage any written messages. Sorry to hear about the incident with the hire car but hope it didn’t spoil your time away. Look forward to hearing about the trip (and the needles) when we meet next.

    Much love Frances x

  7. Hi Elspeth, good to hear the NHS is coming up trumps.

    I have tried acupuncture and have always found it helpful, I am sure the same will apply to you .

    Have a good time at Hadrians Wall, keep my fingers crossed that the weather is kind . Hexham is worth a visit .

    See you soon .

    Sue and Jeff x

  8. Hi Elspeth – bumped into some old Southover adversaries in Tesco and they told me about your blog and the Parkinsons. I thought I’d check it out and find you relaxing, lunching, watching the soaps and, of course, the World Cup – but blimey I have only read a couple of pages and I’m exhausted! I’ll have a lay down and then read the rest. I have never heard acupuncture described as “fascinating”. Added this to my favourites so you will definitely need to keep writing it now!

  9. My husband is about two see a neurologist just before Christmas, he may have parkinsonism, his symptoms are shaking, falling over and pins and needles, he also has a slight slur in his speech, let’s hope we get two the bottom off this soon

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