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Over three thousand viewings!

Today my Blog reached a bit of a milestone, over 3,000 viewings from 40 countries as far apart as Nigeria and the Republic of Korea.

We recently enjoyed a week near Quimper in Brittany, staying with friends we met 17 years ago on our first cycling holiday. It was always about travelling from one nice hotel to another rather than climbing mountains. Despite my concerns riding a bike was no problem, getting to the top of hills was more of an issue! I must get my bike out at home now that summer is here, just wish that there was less traffic.

Not quite Tour of France speed!

Not quite Tour of France speed!

Back home there was a visit to my helpful Parkinson’s Nurse. We agreed that I would continue with Rasagiline, which could provide some neuro protection, and not take anything else at the moment. My biggest problems are, as ever, my shoulders and the tremor in my left hand. However, I am managing my symptons and feel well and positive. I am sure that all the pilates and other exercise really help and I am fitter than I have ever been! I have had my first acupuncture session, fascinating, and look forward to my hydrotherapy which starts next week, impressive NHS.

The lovely daughter is home during July and likes to set me a challenge so we are off to walk part of Hadrian’s Wall; four days averaging ten miles a day. I walk regularly with a walking group so think I have enough stamina. Not being able to swing my left arm is a bit of a problem and I keep trying different ideas to make it easier, poles weren’t really successful. You see so much more when you walk, people are always friendly and to be outside is a joy.

I have always enjoyed ballet and one of my Christmas presents was to become a friend of Covent Garden. I am going lots to watch everything I can, sometimes on my own but often with others. I love watching people’s faces the first time they go into the Opera House; it must be one of our most beautiful buildings. Most memorable recently must be the new ballet “The Winter’s Tale,” a fantastic production in every way.

All in all, no time for dusting!

8 thoughts on “Over three thousand viewings!

  1. I wouldn’t bother with the dust – just blow it around and it makes lovely patterns, or so I have been told!! Keep up the good work, and we think you are doing wonderfully well!!! White wine is great for nerves and red wine adds the zing to life!!!

  2. My training for Hadrian’s wall this week was the Dragon’s Back trail in Hong Kong. I’m a little worried I won’t keep up with you. See you in about 50 days! Lau xx

  3. Glad you had a good time in Quimper. Am very impressed that you are going to attack Hadrian’s Wall and look forward to hearing how you enjoyed it. You must be absolutely delighted at the number of people who are interested in your Blog. So satisfying and very useful. Enjoy your daughter’s visit.

    Much love


  4. Hi Elspeth

    What an amazing tool the internet is for most reasons and such a positive method of communication to be able to share your progress. It must be a great help to be able to share news with fellow sufferers, family and friends. Just imagine having to write that many letters!
    So pleased you are having positive help from the N H S and hope the acupuncture and hydrotherapy are beneficial.
    Take care love Elizabeth and Ken xx

  5. Very interested to hear about your Brittany trip and will look forward to full details when we meet.

    I am sure you will find acupuncture really helpful and the hydro therapy a joy.

    Enjoy Hadrians Wall and Northumberland , my favourite County.

    It is amazing that people in 40 countries are following your life , what a wonderful tool the internet is !

    Love Sue

  6. Great to hear all your latest news and how fit you are keeping! Looking forward to seeing you in the South of France soon – I will get my bike out for you!

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