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From Autumn to Spring

Our last weeks in Australia included lots of visits to beautiful beaches, from the tropical Sunshine Coast in Queensland to the beginning of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. I just love the feel of sand between my toes, walking along an empty beach as the sun rises is unforgettable.

Sunshine Beach

Sunshine Beach

The beach at Noosa

The beach at Noosa

Then it was home to England and a beautiful spring awaiting us with bluebells at their very best and the first flush of vibrant green on trees and bushes. It was lovely to catch up with family and friends, especially my son who had been rushed into hospital with appendicitis, I love Australia but here in Sussex is my home.

The Parkinson’s hadn’t caused me any real problems, particularly once I stopped taking Clonazepam. Back here I contacted the nurse and we agreed I am not ready to take Dopamine Agonist or Levodopa. I will try Propranolol, a beta blocker. However I generally feel so well that I will delay that until necessary. The Rasagiline I realise has helped some symptons and I can swim 30 lengths without twisting or spasms and my sense of smell is back. Now I am in the system at the local hospital there has been lots on offer, physiotherapy, talks, maybe hydrotherapy or a taste of acupuncture – I’ll try them all! My only pain is my right shoulder, currently trying rolling a golf ball in a sock across the area! I even felt badminton seemed a bit easier this week. I am back to lots of pilates which is a wonderful help.

Next week it’s time for a few days in Brittany with friends made on a cycling holiday many years ago, will I be able to ride a bike still…….

6 thoughts on “From Autumn to Spring

  1. Lovely to have you back with us, and look forward to lunch after your trip to Brittany. Of course you will be able to ride a bike again, but I think padded shorts are essential!!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Lovely to see you looking so well and appearing so positive. Hopefully the alternatives offered by the NHS will be helpful. Enjoy France – fingers crossed the weather will be good and you will keep your tan topped up.

  3. Mum, you timed your visit perfectly. It’s wet, dark and miserable outside now! I’ve discovered another walking beach – Port Douglas, it’s 4 miles long. I love that Bluebell walk. Lau xx

  4. Hi Elspeth
    Good to read your ‘blog’ and to hear things are going well save for the problems with your shoulder. Hopefully you can get some help from your Consultant/ Parkinson’s nurse.
    Love Elizabeth and Ken x

  5. I have learned about your blog from another friend and I am so pleased to have found it and you! My love goes out to you Elspeth and a sincere wish we could meet up sometime. Kate x

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