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A change of scene

Sitting here watching the rain lashing down I can’t wait to go out to Melbourne in ten days time. Lovely daughter is going to walk with me every morning by sea and sand before going into work. Hopefully our rain will have stopped and the Aussie temperatures will have dropped and the danger of fires receded. We have lots planned including a trip to Noosa, north of Brisbane, and visiting Moama to spend time with dear friends. We stay on the Mornington Peninsula one weekend where there are great vineyards including a favourite, Ten Minutes by Tractor – a glass of wine and warm weather works wonders for a tremor!
I am looking forward to reading in the warm sunshine, obviously with factor 30 sunscreen! Did you know that people with Parkinson’s have a four fold higher incidence of melanoma. I think part of the charm of Australia is that there are lots of things which are similar to England and some that are very different.

Not really much has changed much in the Parkinson’s since a year ago. Everything is slightly worse but still manageable, and life is just a little harder. If I could sort my left arm out for walking that would be great. I am disappointed that having waited a year to start medication I haven’t found anything that really works for me, now on Clonazepam as one suggestion following my recent visit to the consultant, but not looking very promising. It is a very individual but rather frustrating illness. I continue to see the physio and have a clinical massage every few weeks and do as much pilates as I can fit into life. That all helps but maybe I should accept the shoulder issues will not go away and just thank my lucky stars that most of me is ok; I can run up the stairs pretty well and generally look a picture of health!

We return home at the beginning of April but have lots planned for later in the year including a visit to Provence and the Lac de St Croix, one of our favourite places, and a River Cruise on the Danube. More actively; daughter wants me to walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall when she is next home and there is a trip with my walking group to a sporting hotel in Devon … should be fit…..!

6 thoughts on “A change of scene

  1. Hi Elspeth

    Lovely to hear all the activities planned for this year. Hopefully the sunshine, wine and relaxation, plus the lovely walks, will help alleviate the problems with Parkinsons. It’s a shame that none of the medication seems to be helping at the moment – don’t give up, as you say it is such a personal illness and hopefully you will find something that suits you perfectly. Have a great time in Australia.


    Frances x

  2. Hi Elspeth, it looks like you are going to have a great time in Oz. Say hello to the lovely daughter!
    When you do go up to Hadrian’s Wall, I can recommend a B&B in Haltwhistle.

    Love from Paul (and Caroline).

  3. Hi Elspeth. Just returned from a wet/breezy weekend in Surrey with my sister and brother in law and read your cheery news blog. You are such an inspiration in all you do and I am sure this helps to keep you looking so great despite the obvious problems associated with being a Parkinson sufferer. Your Itinerary for your forthcoming visit to see Laura sounds so exciting as do your other plans for the following months. Hopefully the sun and sea air will help to improve the problems with your shoulder and arm and by the time you return, the current dreary weather will be long past. We are looking forward to seeing you and Peter next Sunday.

    Love Elizabeth and Ken xx

  4. You’re doing great. Keep up the good work because we have lots of things planned for your return, apart from what you have already got slotted in your diary. We are going to keep you going, no time to get bored. Just watch this space – us ‘girlies’ wont stop without you!!! Love and hugs xxx

  5. Always good to keep up with progress and you certainly do look a picture of health.

    Have a super time in Aus and we will look forward to hearing all about it when we meet in April.

    Love Sue

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