Christmas Greetings

Nearly Christmas, somehow it creeps up on you at first then gathers pace until suddenly it is upon you. It is super to catch up with friends at this time and I have enjoyed meeting up with college and ex-teaching folk as well as Christmas lunching with my Ladies Who Lunch groups; good friends are invaluable.

A useful Advent Calender....!

A useful Advent Calender….wine for each day!

The lovely daughter flies in soon, great to have her home from Australia this year. I cry when she arrives and cry when she goes, however, we will be travelling “down under” in two months so will be seeing lots of her.

I saw the Parkinson’s nurse recently, she is a fountain of knowledge and ideas. She suggested continuing with Rasagiline as a platform and adding in a small amount of a drug I wasn’t familiar with called Trihexyphenidyl. I hadn’t researched that one at all! It is an older drug which should help with spasm and tremor. Like many of these drugs you start with a very small amount and build up gradually. I am still experiencing some unpleasant side effects but hoping they can be overcome with perseverance. They don’t include a gambling addiction so Kempton Park with my son and daughter in law should be safe! I have discovered that my new medication has been used recreationally by soldiers and police in Iraq!

However, I can report that I seem to be able to swim a bit better! Less spasm in my shoulder means my 24 lengths were considerably easier this week, maybe I can start building up again. It has also enabled me to swing my arm a bit more when I am out walking. Just waiting to see if I can serve properly again in badminton! I finally got to see the physiotherapist at the hospital and spent an interesting hour looking at where I am now and what else I can do to help, she had a couple of ideas like trying tai chi and maybe backstroke but basically I am doing all the right things. Next time she will focus on the stiffness in my shoulders. While I was there I met the lady who is Chairman of the local Parkinson’s group who, among other things, produce a magazine called “Shakers and Movers”. The current edition has a big focus on the importance of exercise. Coincidently I heard her speak at a recent charity concert. We had an interesting chat and I am going to send her my Blog.

We have started looking at holidays for next year, always cheers you up on a grey, wet day. Australia in March, Provence in June and the Danube in September looks good.

Happy Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.