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Racing Tips?

This month has been a mixed one. There have been lots of great places to visit and exciting things to do from opera at Glyndebourne, ballet and theatre trips in London to meals with wonderful friends. We had a fascinating insight into the world of politics with a trip to the House of Commons to listen to Prime Minister’s Questions and then a statement on the future of ship building. I was most fascinated by watching the interaction between people while my man was caught up in the politics!

At the Houses of Parliament

At the Houses of Parliament

It has not been a very good month from the Parkinson’s perspective. Six weeks on medication has not had any positive results – but equally no side effects. I see the Parkinson’s Nurse soon and will have to review the treatment. The suggestion is that I will need to try something else such as a dopamine agonist, that is a much more scary prospect with possible diverse side effects from narcolepsy and nausea to addictions such as gambling! However, it can be a very effective treatment and works well for many people, we shall see. I have been recommended for physio but that could be a long wait. All the pilates and exercise definitely helps so I will be doing lots of that plus coffee and chat afterwards!

The lovely daughter flies in from Australia for Christmas which is fab and then on Boxing Day all the family plan a trip to Kempton Park Races; now shall I put a £1,000 on each race!!

5 thoughts on “Racing Tips?

  1. Question Elspeth, should you be going to the races on Boxing Day if you are about to become an inveterate Gambler. On the positive side if you decide to take the drug you could become very rich if you are a successful at gambling . .

    See you in the New Year.

    Love Sue

  2. Hi Elspeth

    Sorry that you have hit the problems of the NHS, plus the possible side effects. I had a few moments of horror when I mistook narcolepsy with necrophilia and worried a bit about Peter’s safety. Thankfully I have now sorted out the two meanings and would definitely prefer the one which may face you. Hopefully it won’t. Don’t worry about things until they happen – they might never happen you know!! Lucky you having your daughter home for Christmas. I am sure your time together will be lovely – and who knows you might end up a winner at the races.

    Have a lovely Christmas. Love to you both. Frances xx

  3. I can’t wait to see you in 18 days! I’ve only ever seen you bet coins at Kempton! We’ll have to see what tips Ben has for us… Looking forward to R&R, gym and shopping. Lau xx

  4. Hello Elspeth,
    First of all thank you for your Christmas greetings and your annual, but always eagerly anticipated letter, enclosed with your card.
    Of course I was shocked to hear about your diagnosis and to learn that you will soon have been 12 months into your journey with Parkinson’s. It’s difficult to believe!
    Derek and I have read your blog with interest and and it is good to see that you are well and being so positive. I’m sure your story will help and support many others, who will face the same journey.
    I shall certainly be following your blog regularly in future. Having read your latest post I hope that you will soon get meds and treatment which will suit you better.
    I shall be writing more privately and enclosing our family news with a card later this month.

    Here’s hoping you and Peter have a lovely Christmas with your family.
    Love and best wishes Liz xx

    PS Are you on facebook?

  5. Hello Elspeth,
    Have been reading your blog and it is lovely you keep it updated. As far as travel is concerned
    we seem to have similar things. We were in Sorrento at Easter but did not enjoy the good weather you had. The Naples Museum, Pompeii, Capri and Hercaleum were not too bad but the day we were to visit the Amalfi Coast was dreadful, plus I was sick so I missed it. Now have to go back.

    We were in Falmouth in July, sharing a house with 8 friends, and, of course visited the Minack Theatre from there. It was our second visit to the theatre and I was surprised that it was The Brighton Little Theatre putting on the play and I knew someone in the cast. We are going again in 2014.

    We are impressed by the way you are managing Parkinsons with medication, exercise and sheer determination.

    We haven’t been in touch with any mutual badders friends but hope to see Felicity and Charles at a dinner next weeken. After Christmas we are off to NZ, Australia, Japan and China for three months. Let’s arange to meet up when we are back.
    Much love, Marilyn and Malcolm

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