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No more Lemsip for me!

Just back from a week in Italy exploring the area around Sorrento from the Amalfi Coast and Capri to Pompeii and Vesuvius. We were very lucky and had beautiful weather, perfect for sightseeing. There were no problems from the Parkinson’s, which was great.

At the top of Vesuvius - rain cloud not steam from the crater!

At top of Vesuvius – rain cloud not steam from the crater!

Once home it was time to meet the new consultant, a straight talking man who was soon suggesting ways forward. I have agreed to medication as my left arm is really quite uncomfortable and the tremor is more noticeable. I have begun to take Rasagiline once a day. This is a milder drug than Levodopa and works by stopping the breakdown of dopamine, hopefully it will have less side effects. He also wants me to have physiotherapy to help my arm retain strength and muscle tone, not sure how long it will be before I get an appointment through!

Today I am full of cold so was about to turn to Lemsip, a comforting remedy, when I spotted that taking Rasigiline with a product that contained a decongestant is a bit of a “no no” along with aged cheese. Chianti used to be on the banned list but has been reinstated!

I feel disappointed that it is time to begin the drugs route but I have had a year to begin to come to terms with my “Parkinson’s Journey” and an accept that it will help me to have as normal a life as possible.

Interesting news in the papers recently regarding a new drug that could help prevent the death of brain cells in patients diagnosed with conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

9 thoughts on “No more Lemsip for me!

  1. Hope the cold improves. Very confusing about the Chianti. The picture of Vesuvius reminded me of my holiday there in 1966-along time ago. Sheila x

  2. Glad you enjoyed Italy and had some sun – guaranteed to make anyone feel better. It’s a shame that you have to start taking drugs, but if they help you, then you must bite the bullet. (Perhaps you could just take Lemsip and forget about everything else. I suggest a dose of Lemsip, accompanied by a large glass of Chianti and a good chunk of extra mature Cheddar. It might work just as well!!!) I thought you already had physio for your arm – perhaps I got that wrong. It will be good to catch up in person and make sure I have got everything right. Looking forward to seeing you both. Love Frances

  3. So sorry you can’t make tomorrow Elspeth. Hope you get better soon – see you in the Spring maybe. Good luck with the new treatments xx

  4. Glad you liked the Amalfi Coast. We went there last October. Hope your medicine is helping. My neurologist put me straight on medicine at the same time as the diagnosis. He didn’t give me an option of not having it. I had a strange, uncomfortable feeling in the lower part of my left arm which I’ve discovered is bradykinesia as well as the fingers shake. Since the medicine the strange feeling has just about disappeared but the fingers still shake occasionally.

  5. Sorry you are full of cold and hope you will soon be better – most definitely by Sunday for Glyndebourne. Elspeth you are doing so well and hope the medicine proves to be a great success.

  6. So pleased that you and Peter have enjoyed a relaxing (or perhaps not so relaxing!) week in Italy and that you had no problem from Parkinson’s. Hope your cold is improving. Unfortunately they seem to be a real problem after flights!
    It sounds as though you have made a good rapport with your new Consultant and really hope the medication and physio will help the symptoms you are experiencing with your left arm. We also heard about the pioneering investigations into the new drug which sound exciting.
    Elizabeth and Ken xx

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  7. Hi Elspeth,
    Italy sounds amazing- a jam packed trip.
    Shame about the cold and lemsips but maybe the Chianti could be a new remedy.
    What an amazingly positive attitude- truly inspirational.
    Hopefully see you soon
    Take care
    Gemma xx

  8. We know much you wanted to avoid taking medication, Elspeth, but hopefully doing so will make life easier for you. You are facing this challenge with enormous courage and we so admire you. Looking forward to seeing you for FREDS. Love Jennie and Peter x

  9. Camilla and Julia have been catching up on your blog. We’re so glad that you had a good holiday in Italy and hope that your new medication works well for you. Do tell Peter that we’re missing the Optimists and send our love to both of you.

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