Keep on stretching ….

Last week I went to the hospital for my second six monthly visit to the Parkinson’s Nurse. After checking in at Reception I asked about getting an appointment to see the new consultant in a few months. I was told that none of the patients under my previous neurologist had been allocated to a doctor and no-one knew how we could talk to anyone for advice about future appointments, all very unsatisfactory! The poor Receptionist was having to take all the flak for something beyond her control. On seeing the Nurse, relief, she had a letter that had been sent to my promised neurologist who has a specialism in both Parkinson’s and Dystonia. At the end of our meeting, we agreed that I could still manage without medication possibly helped by all the pilates and stretching I have been doing.

..lots of stretching..

..lots of stretching..

Another discussion at Reception followed and now armed with said letter the Receptionist said she would take on the challenge and ring me. We had only been home for ten minutes when she rang having tracked down the agreed consultant and got an appointment sorted out; phew what a relief; what a wonderful lady. The local NHS certainly has issues that need to be resolved.

We have been lucky enough to have enjoyed a beautiful summer and I have felt fine generally. I led a 9 mile walk last week on a sunny day, beautiful wild flowers and butterflies all around us. I am looking forward to a week of walking around St Ives with many of the group in early September and then there is a trip to Italy and the Amalfi Coast to look forward to three weeks later…