Return from New York ….

Well, who would have thought that the Blog I started, after prompting from my daughter, would already have had more than 1000 hits! They have mostly been from the UK but there are a sizeable number from America and Australia and even the odd viewing from France, Canada, Japan, Turkey and South Africa, quite exciting. Most comments and followers are from the UK and I have been humbled to read such positive comments and thank everyone for the support I have received.

New York skyline from QM2

New York skyline from QM2

We are just back from a wonderful 3 weeks travelling across the North Atlantic and back on the Queen Mary 2 and spending 5 days in New York. It was suggested I might find that the rolling motion of the liner might upset my balance but it was fine, mind you we were lucky to have calm seas and walking 12 laps of the promenade deck daily, 4.4 miles, was generally pleasurable. What a wonderful way to travel. I tried an onboard pilates class but wasn’t impressed so just kept walking.

It is nearly 9 months since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. There has been some deterioration but it is very slow. The worst thing is not being able to swing my left arm when I walk although I try different strategies like copying the person in front, holding my bag in the left hand or tucking it in my pocket. My stiff back and shoulders are helped considerably by pilates and regular clinical massages. The fab lady who I see has made a little video to remind my husband and me of how he can help keep my left arm and hand strong and mobile; such a super idea. I have always been rather clumsy but tend to be more so now; can feel like a real old lady fumbling with cards and cash at the checkout – more organization needed! I have begun to realise that when I am driving, and feel the gears are stiff, it is probably because my left leg doesn’t exert pressure on the clutch so well. All are quite small things that are manageable.

In two weeks I am due my second visit to the Parkinson’s nurse so I must start to write a list of questions to ask, one of which is concerning the new consultant – haven’t heard from him at all!